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Contact the Department of Environmental Protection


By Phone / Fax:

  • Calls originating in Montgomery County: 311
  • Calls originating outside Montgomery County: 240-777-0311
  • Fax: 240-777-7715


By Mail:

Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection
255 Rockville Pike, Suite 120
Rockville, Maryland 20850

Connect with Us:

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Office of the Director and Administration


Department Director: Lisa Feldt
255 Rockville Pike, Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.7730 Fax: 240.777.7765

Name Title Phone
Patty Bubar Deputy Director 240.777.7786
Scott Faunce Information Technology Specialist 240.777.7771
Nancy Frechette HR Liaison 240.777.7783
Bryan Hunt Management and Budget Specialist 240.777.7790
Michelle Hwang Senior Financial Specialist 240.777.7724
Veronica Jaua Management and Budget Specialist 240.777.7794
Kim Morris Senior Administrative Aide 240.777.7730
Sarah Ramirez GIS Specialist 240.777.7728
Krystal Reifer GIS Specialist 240.777.7785
Vicky Wan Manager, Water Quality Protection Charge and Technology Services 240.777.7722

Environmental Policy and Compliance


Division Chief: Stan Edwards
255 Rockville Pike, Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.7748 Fax: 240.777.7752

Name Title Phone
Susan Allen Environmental Health Specialist 240.777.7776
Gwen Bausmith Education and Outreach Specialist 240.777.7796
Peter Dilima Code Enforcement Inspector 240.777.7751
Gretchen Ekstrom Environmental Health Specialist 240.777.7750
Jessica Jones Program Manager, Outreach and Education 240.777.7753
Evan Keto  Tree Program Manager  240.777.7782
Steven Martin Supervisor, Environmental Health Specialist 240.777.7746
Daniel McCann Environmental Health Specialist 240.777.7743
Christine Micele Environmental Health Specialist 240.777.7792
Laura Miller Forest Conservation Coordinator 240.777.7704
Lindsey Shaw Commercial Energy Program Manager  240.777.7754
Alexander Torrella Environmental Health Specialist 240.777.7784
Douglas Weisburger Green Business and Sustainability Program Coordinator 240.777.7775
Michelle Vigen Senior Energy Planner 240.777.7749

Watershed Management Operations


Division Chief: Steve Shofar
255 Rockville Pike, Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.7736 Fax: 240.777.7715

Name Title Phone
Ana Arriaza Watershed Volunteer Coordinator 240.777.7778
Loretha Dennis Office Services Coordinator, Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program 240.777.7764
Calvin Edmiston Stormwater Facility Maintenance Inspector 240.876.0032
Ann English Supervisor, RainScapes Program 240.777.7759
Carla Ellern Planning Specialist, RainScapes 240.777.7756
Donna Evans Planning Specialist, RainScapes 240.777.7798
Francis Flabbi Stormwater Facility Maintenance Inspector 240.832.1229
Gene Gopenko Senior Stormwater Facility Maintenance Engineer 240.777.7723
William Green Aquatic Biologist 240.777.7745
Brian Gregg Stormwater Facility Maintenance Inspector 301.370.3628
David Jordahl Aquatic Biologist 240.777.7741
Audra Lew Stormwater Facilities Maintenance Program, Planning Specialist 240.777.7761
Julia Liu Stormwater Facility Maintenance Engineer 270.777.7762
Kenny Mack Aquatic Biologist 240.777.7729
Ronald Milberg Supervisor, Stormwater Facility Maintenance(Public Program) 240.777.7705
Eric Naibert Aquatic Biologist 240.777.7769
Jerome Oden Supervisor, Stormwater Facility Maintenance (Private) Program 240.777.7760
John O'Gorman Stormwater Facility Maintenance Inspector 240.372.5462
Adam Ohl Principal Administrative Aide 240.777.7702
Pamela Parker Supervisor, MS4 Program 240.777.7758
Stephen Pullum Stormwater Facility Maintenance Inspector 240.832.1894
Mark Rockman Aquatic Biologist 240.777.7703
Pamela Rowe RainScapes Neighborhoods Program Specialist 240.777.7714
Mark Sommerfield MS4 Program Specialist 240.777.7737
Jennifer St. John Senior Water Quality Specialist 240.777.7740
Amy Stevens Manager, Stormwater Facility Maintenance Program 240.777.7766
Mary Travaglini Stormwater Facility Maintenance, Landscape Planner 240.777.7709
Richard Watson Stormwater Facility Maintenance Inspector 301.370.3726
Leslie Wilcox Planning Specialist 240.777.7780
Ryan Zerbe Watershed Education and Outreach Specialist 240.777.7744


Water and Wastewater Management


Special Assistant for Water and Wastewater Policy: Dave Lake
255 Rockville Pike, Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.7733 Fax: 240.777.7765


Name Title Phone
Nasser Kamazani Water and Sewer Engineer 240.777.7717
Alan Soukup Watershed and Sewer Planner 240.777.7716

Watershed Management Capital Projects


Division Chief: Frank Dawson
255 Rockville Pike, Suite 120, Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.7732 Fax: 240.777.7715
Name Title Phone
Jeffery Amtmann Construction Representative 240.777.7755
Uzair Asadullah Senior Engineer 240.777.7779
Paul Bogle Senior Engineer 240.777.7757
Craig Carson Manager, Capital Improvement Projects 240.777.7713
Christy Ciarametaro Stream Restoration Planner 240.777.7720
Darian Copiz Landscapes Planning Specialist 240.777.7774
Anthonio Cruz Construction Representative 240.777.7726
Bhavin Desai Engineer 240.777.7747
Donald Dorsey Stream Restoration Planner 240.777.7712
Ho-Ching Fong Stream Restoration Planner 240.777.7718
Phil Jones Engineer III 240.777.7738
Jean Kapusnick Engineer III 240.777.7707
Michael Lichty Stream Restoration Engineer 240.777.7772
Jeffrey Mann Construction Representative 240.777.7721
Douglas Marshall Stream Restoration Planner 240.777.7767
Saeyin Oh Senior Engineer 240.777.7795
Bhaskar Patel Stream Restoration Engineer 240.777.7708
James Stiles Section Chief, Construction and Contract Management 240.777.7789


Division of Solid Waste Services: Administration


Division Chief: Dan Locke
101 Monroe Street, 6th Floor Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.6402 Fax: 240.777.6465

Name Title Phone
Godfrey Ampadu Program Manager 240.777.6495
Geeta Arurkar Administrative Specialist 240.777.6429
Serena Bell Executive Administrative Aide 240.777.6459
Susanne Brunhart-Wiggins Information Technology Specialist 240.777.6461
William Davidson Section Chief 240.777.6409
Marilu Enciso Senior Planning Specialist 240.777.6458
Richard Hands Senior Financial Specialist 240.777.6451
Ermias Kifle Program Specialist 240.777.6441
Joseph Ladana Senior Engineer  
Nicole Lee Administrative Specialist 240.777.6448
Raycharn Liou Senior Engineer 240.777.6428
Scott Mcclure Management and Budget Specialist 240.777.6436
Melissa Nolin Information Technology Specialist 240.777.6477
Lynda Nusser Office Services Coordinator 240.777.6414
Jeanne Risher Accountant/Auditor 240.777.6434
Anthony Skinner Manager 240.777.6438
Theresa Souders Administrative Specialist 240.777.6425

Division of Solid Waste Services: Operations


Section Chief: Peter Karasik
16101 Frederick Road Derwood, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.6569

Name Title Phone
Paul Bitely Refuse Disposal Cashier 240.777.6578
Richard Buss Program Manager 240.777.6561
Jeffrey Camera Program Manager 240.777.6562
Andrew Cubley Code Enforcement Inspector 240.777.6563
Michael Dorsey Executive Administrative Aide 240.777.6577
Veronica Fernandez Public Administration Intern 240.777.6565
Kevin Fletcher Office Services Coordinator (Lead Cashier) 301.840.2842
Anthony Forbes Refuse Disposal Cashier 301.840.2842
Jamie Foster Manager 240.777.6564
David Herring Executive Administrative Aide 240.777.6567
Thomas Kusterer Program Manager 240.777.6589
Rao Malladi Senior Engineer 240.777.6574
Ralph Piscitelli Code Enforcement Inspector 240.777.6570
David Rosenbaum Program Manager 240.777.6571
Harry Shipe Program Specialist 240.777.6572
Don Solangaarachchi Refuse Disposal Cashier 301.340.2372
Eutoker Stevens Refuse Disposal Cashier 301.840.2372
Gail Vaughn Refuse Disposal Cashier 301.840.2372
Raymond Wimbrough Program Manager 240.777.6573
Edgar Zamora Refuse Disposal Cashier 301.840.2372

Division of Solid Waste Services: Collections


Section Chief: Robin Ennis
101 Monroe Street, 6th Floor Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.6401

Name Title Phone
Kelleen Boyle Code Enforcement Inspector 301.370.2251
Angeline Braun Information Technology Specialist 240.777.6488
James Buhl Public Service Worker 240.777.6431
G.A. Corrick Program Manager 240.777.6405
Jacqueline Dennis Code Enforcement Inspector 240.832.0376
Clare Fadden Program Specialist 240.777.6418
James Fustero Program Specialist 301.370.7276
Gabriel George Program Specialist 240.372.0232
Ronald Gilbert Program Specialist 301.370.2259
Shashi Gupta Program Specialist 240.777.6413
Joyce Hillard-Franklin Program Specialist 301.370.2254
Joseph Jones Jr. Code Enforcement Inspector 240.832.8191
Michael Krumlauf Program Specialist 301.672.4597
Monica Morillo Office Services Coordinator 240.777.6470
Helen Mu Information Technology Specialist 240.777.6452
John O'donnell Program Manager 240.777.6404
Lina Paz Executive Administrative Aide 240.777.6440
Tamala Robinson Code Enforcement Inspector 240.876.3602
Christopher Weddle Code Enforcement Inspector 301.370.5698

Division of Solid Waste Services: Waste Reduction and Recycling


Section Chief: Eileen Kao
101 Monroe Street, 6th Floor Rockville, Maryland 20850
Phone: 240.777.7730

Name Title Phone
Keith Crutchfield Program Specialist (Investigator) 240.777.6427
Michelle Devillo Program Specialist 240.777.6484
Ruth Franco Program Specialist 240.777.6422
David Frank Program Manager 240.777.6446
Paul Gatons, Jr. Program Specialist 240.777.6423
Paul Golder Program Specialist (Investigator) 240.777.6416
Latoia James Program Specialist  
Christopher Jones Program Specialist (Investigator) 240.777.6472
Christopher Loser Program Specialist 240.777.6420
Gabriela Monzon-Reynolds Program Manager (Commercial) 240.777.6486
Michael Mussman Program Specialist 240.777.6412
Alan Pultyniewicz Program Manager 240.777.6480
Wendy Qassis Program Specialist 240.777.6487
Kevin Reynolds Program Specialist (Investigator) 240.777.6462
Jessica Towell Program Specialist 240.777.6424