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MCDOT wants to help you stay safe as you conduct your cleanings so we provide safety equipment at no charge.   Reflective vests, gloves, pik sticks and other items are available upo n request and can be picked up at the Community Outreach office (see map below).

We continue to research and try out other types of equipment such as bag holders, picks, heavy duty gloves but due to a limited budget we are not able to purchase a large variety.  If your business is interested in sponsoring/purchasing equipment for the AAR program, please contact our office!  We would recognize your donation or sponsorship by highlighting your business on the AAR website.  Email for more information!

Fill out the below Distribution Form and bring with you when picking up equipment.  Equipment can be picked up Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm at the Executive Office Building (EOB) located at 101 Monroe Street, 10th Floor, Rockville MD 20850 (located behing the Rockville Regal Movie Theatre).

Equipment Distribution Form
Equipment Distribution Cover

Rockville Core Map
Map of downtown Rockville

Call the Community Outreach Hotline at 240-777-7155 (leave a clear message) or email



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