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MCDOT wants to help you stay safe as you conduct your cleanings so we provide safety equipment at no charge.  Reflective vests, gloves, pik sticks and other items are available upon request
and can be picked up at the Community Outreach office.

We continue to research and try out other types of equipment such as bag holders, kid-size gloves but due to a limited budget we are not able to purchase a large variety.  If your business is interested in sponsoring/purchasing equipment for the AAR program, please contact our office!  We would recognize your donation or sponsorship by highlighting your business on the AAR website.  Email for more information!

* Fill out the below Distribution Form and bring with you when picking up equipment.  Equipment can be picked up Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm at the Executive Office Building (EOB) located at 101 Monroe Street, 10th Floor, Rockville MD 20850 (located behing the Rockville Regal Movie Theatre).

Equipment Distribution Form  Rockville Core Map
 Equipment Distribution Cover     Map of downtown Rockville 
Make sure to fill out and bring with you when picking up equipment Click above for a printable map



Here are contacts and resources you might find useful in the course of your cleaning activities.

* Adopt a Highway - State Roads:  Roads in Montgomery County that include a number, such as MD355 (Rockville Pike) and MD27 (Ridge Road), are owned and maintained by the State.   The County's Adopt A Road program refers organizations who wish to adopt a State road to the Maryland State Highway Administration's (MSHA) Adopt A Highway program. MSHA Gaithersburg Shop: 301-948-2477 / MSHA Fairland Shop: 301-572-5166

 * Report Mowing Over Litter on park land: Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) Manager, Jeff Devlin 301-765-8702. In the right of way of COUNTY roads please call 311. In the right of way of STATE roads: in Western portion of County call 301-948-2477, in Eastern portion of County call 301-572-5166

* Report Illegal posted signs to the Department of Permitting Services, call 311 (DPS will send an inspector).

*Report animal carcasses along County roads to Montgomery County Animal Shelter 240-772-5960; For State roads in the western portion of the County call 301-948-2477, in the eastern portion of the County call 301-572-5166.

* Removal of Downed Trees/Limbs. To report trees that have fallen on sidewalks on right of way please call 311. Trees fallen on utility lines report to your local utility company.

* Report abandoned autos to the Montgomery County Police Abandoned Auto Unit at 301-840-2454. 

* Report tires, furniture, or other large items that cannot be placed in trash bags to 311 for pick up.

* Litter and dumping are against the LAW!  Litter and dumping ruin communities, lower property values, deteriorate quality of life, adn are harmful to wildlife.  People caught littering can end up paying a $250 dollar ticket and, even more for illegal dumping.  Report Littering and/or illegal dumping by calling 311.

* What to do When it Snows - Brochure

* Where do I report GRAFFITI?

 In Montgomery County, contact the GRaffiti ABatement Partners (GRAB)Call, email or go online - make sure to leave your name, phone number, location, and, if possible, a brief description of the graffiti including the type of surface defaced (unpainted brick, painted brick, cinderblock, unpainted cinderblock, etc.).

  Call 301-607-GRAB (4722), or email Kathy Paunil at or report online at

 * Resident's Guide to Services brochure



 * For missing or damaged AAR signs contact Traffic Operations at 240-777-2190 or send an email to make sure to include exact location and your group name.



You, the participant has agreed to keep your adopted road segment as clean as possible, with at least six roadside clean-ups a year (the equivalant of every other month) and to report these cleanings to our office (volunteers who clean more frequently can combine these into one monthly report). Make sure when reporting to include the date of cleaning, total bags of trash picked up and type of bags used (MCDOT orange bag, lawn/leaf bag, grocery store size bag, etc.)

Under the guidelines, small amounts of litter (2-3 bags) should be disposed of through your normal trash collection, but larger amounts (4 or more bags) or large items that cannot be handled by you can be hauled away by the Division of Highway Services. Call 311 and tell the operator that you are an AAR participant requesting a one-time trash pick up, give the exact location of trash or submit a service request on the MC311 website. You will be assigned a work order number that you can use when following up.  If you are disposing of loads greater than 500lbs yourself, request a Transfer Station fee waiver card to take with you when dumping this trash at the Transfer Station located at Shady Grove).

*NOTE: Blue handle bags are used to separate recyclable materials from the litter and debrise that is picked up.  Highway Maintenance will not deliver these bags to the Recycling Center so
DO NOT leave with the other bags of trash for regular roadside pick up.  You will need to bring the blue bags home and empty them into your recycle bin for your regular scheduled recycling collection.  
To find out what is recycable visit the seciton on recycling below.

Don't Forget - You can process your own service request online!  You can arrange for trash pick up 24/7 by submitting a service request on the MC311 website CLICK HERE or you can call 311 Monday thru Friday between 7:00am - 7:00pm.

To report your cleaning now!  Email or call 240-777-7155 (press * to bypass greeting).



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The below Transfer Station Card is available upon request. This card waives the Montgomery County Station disposal fee for loads greater than 500 lbs. Make sure to contact the Transfer Station at 240-777-6560 in advance and provide information on the vehicle and the location of where the waste was collected.

To request this card call the Community Outreach hotline at 240-777-7155 and leave a message or email



For recycling questions and guidance visit the Department of Environmental Protection/Division of Solid Waste


Call the Community Outreach Hotline at 240-777-7155 (leave a clear message) or email



For any MCDOT service request or complaint, call 311
When dialing outside of the county, call 240-777-0311 or submit via their website.

For website comments or to report website problems or broken links, please email us. This email address does not handle service requests or complaints.

 Director's Office · Montgomery County Department of Transportation
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