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   Montgomery County Department of Transportation
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Boyds Transit Improvements

Click to Enlarge Picture of Boyds Transit StationProject Details

Contact Person: Aruna Miller

Description Boyds Transit Improvements

The current Boyds MARC station provides 15 parking spaces that cannot accommodate Ride On bus access, additional parking for passengers and does not have pedestrian access to the station.  The expansion of RideOn service to the Boyds’ station is critical to address the needs of the future development in Clarksburg, i.e. Cabin Branch and Aurora Hills. In 2006, MARC made an unsuccessful attempt to close the Boyds MARC Station.  MARC is willing to evaluate expanding service and provide upgrades to the station if parking is substantially increased from the existing 15 spaces.  Facility Planning will evaluate the need to expand parking, allow bus access and circulation, and safe pedestrian access to station. 


Project Manager:


Aruna Miller;; 204-777-7240


Consultants: WRA

Project Documents