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Department of Technology Services

Enterprise Services - dataMontgomery

The dataMontgomery Domain provides support for increased public access to high value, non-sensitive, programmable ready Montgomery County Government datasets. Data is one of the most valuable assets for the County and the dataMontgomery Domain is the County Enterprise Strategy for publishing data to the public. It provides a central repository and standard set of tools where the public can go to retrieve published County Data Sets.

This Domain provides the following benefits:

Guiding principles for the domain are:

The Department of Technology Services has contracted with a 3rd party cloud solution provider to support the County’s dataMontgomery site. The site called will host the identified data sets. When a department has data to host they should contact the Department of Technology Services to start the process identified in the dataMontgomery Governance Document. That document lists the governance, the steps to publish, and all party responsibilities.

To support the domain DTS can use the Enterprise Service Bus (see Service Enabled Domain) to update data on the site via a recurring schedule. For one time uploads the data will be given to the DTS administrator and they will upload data to the site.




Please email the DTS Enterprise Architect Mike Tarquinio at for any changes or comments.













































































































































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