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Enterprise Services - engageMontgomery

The engageMontgomery Domain provides support for civic engagement and community participation by providing an on-line platform for constituents to better connect with their local Government. It acts as an online "Town Hall" for government and the public to connect and inform each other on a wide variety of issues. The online platform will permit County constituents to:

  • submit ideas
  • comment on ideas
  • vote on ideas submitted by the County or other community participants
  • take polls submitted by the County
  • etc

This Domain provides the following benefits:

  • Supports the County Mission Statement “A Responsive and Accountable County Government”
  • Keeps the public informed
  • Helps the County to solicit feedback and ideas from the public
  • Provides a standard set of tools for engaging with the public to solicit opinions and feedback
  • Provides analytical functions that provide feedback on the value of the responses
  • Is a cloud based solution that reduces the cost of providing access to public opinions and comment

Guiding principles for the domain are:

  • Complete - All online engagement and polls will be through this site. The value of the site increases as user participation increases.
  • 2 Way - departments or programs must commit to providing feedback at the conclusion of a poll or comment. The public needs to feel tangible results to keep coming back.
  • Timely - polls and comments are posted for a set period before being closed.
  • Relevant - The site is continually updated to keep the public engaged.
  • Non-discriminatory - All parties are encouraged to participate.
  • License-free – Participation is free for the public.
  • Accessible – ideas and polls are presented in a clear, meaningful way.
  • Respectful – participation and ideas are continually encouraged and kept to a positive tone.

When a department or program would like to engage the public they can create a topic or poll that is loaded onto the engageMontgomery web site. The public is then able to post comments, vote, take the poll, etc and the results including analytics can be returned to the department or program. The platform collects a number of analytical data points around who is taking the poll as well as the results.

The Department of Technology Services has contracted with a 3 rd party cloud solution provider to support the County’s engageMontgomery site. The site called will host the engagements. When a department has a question, topic, or poll they want to post they should contact the Department of Technology Services to start the process. 


  • engageMontgomery Governance Document (under development)
  • The Department Of Technology Services will centrally administer the engageMontgomery site
  • Office of Management and Budget – Administrative Procedure 6-8 Social Media

 Please email the DTS Enterprise Architect Mike Tarquinio at for any changes or comments.


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