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Divisions and Teams

The County's Department of Technology Services (DTS) is comprised of three operating divisions and multiple offices and programs providing Enterprise Technology services to all County departments and offices.

Organization Chart for DTS


Listed below are the teams that comprise each of the Operating Divisions:


Enterprise Applications and Solutions Division (EASD)

The following teams make up the Enterprise Applications and Solutions Division:

  • DCM Administration
  • DCM Services
  • ERP Application Support
  • ERP Support
  • Geographic Information Services
  • Web & Mobile Apps

Enterprise Telecommunications Services Division

The following teams make up the Enterprise Telecommunications Services Division:

  • Network Services
  • PBX Telephone Services
  • Radio Communications Services
  • Telecommunications Solutions Services

Enterprise Systems and Operations Division (ESOD)

The following teams make up the Enterprise Systems & Operations Division:

  • Contract Support
  • Core Services
  • Core Technologies
  • Data Center Management
  • ERP Technical Support
  • Public Safety Data Systems
  • Server Support

County Cable Office

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


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