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You'll NEVER Get a Bill

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Transport Insurance Reimbursement Law?

Beginning January 1, 2013, the EMS Law authorizes Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service to seek reimbursement for ambulance transports from private health insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Will I receive a bill if I call 911 for an ambulance?

No. County residents will never receive a bill or pay a co-pay, deductible or any out-of-pocket expenses. Whatever private insurers, Medicare, or Medicaid pay for ambulance rides will be considered payment in full. For those without health insurance, the ride is covered because you are a County taxpayer. No Ambulance paramedic will ever ask you for insurance information.

How much money will the County receive from the EMS law?

The EMS Law will generate about $18 million a year – or $180 million over 10 years – without raising taxes, without raising fees, and without costing residents anything. One hundred percent of this money will be dedicated to the Fire & Rescue Service.

When private insurers are billed, will this raise my insurance premiums?

No. The costs of emergency services are already included in the premiums charged by insurers. Rates are set regionally and nearly all of our surrounding jurisdictions already have EMS reimbursement programs. Instead of the insurers paying reimbursements for emergency services, our taxpayers have been footing the bill, boosting profits for insurers.

Why do we need the EMS Law?

The State of Maryland has shifted over $400 million over 10 years in state teacher pension costs to Montgomery County. The State also approved an inflexible “Maintenance of Effort” law on school funding that could force the County to add at least $25 million to reserves each year above and beyond what is already done. Our ability to provide basic services to residents may be seriously jeopardized without additional revenue.

How will the money raised by the EMS Law be used?

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service will use the reimbursements to improve and expand critically needed services that save County lives and property, including reducing response times and purchasing vehicles and  equipment. By law, the money recovered from insurers will be dedicated to Fire & Rescue and cannot be used for anything else, freeing up taxpayer dollars for other critical County services such as education; other public safety needs; the safety net for seniors and the most vulnerable; libraries; recreation centers; and road maintenance.

What if I have questions about the ambulance transport I received?

Under the EMS Law, a County Patient Advocate will address any questions and concerns and ensure the highest quality customer service. The Patient Advocate can be reached at (240) 777-3636 or

I received a request for information from a company called MED3000 in Miamisburg, OH. Is this a legitimate request?

Montgomery County has contracted with a company called MED3000 based in Miamisburg, Ohio to handle our EMS transport insurance reimbursements. The company may need to contact people who were transported by ambulance if it needs additional information to file a claim with insurance companies. 

MED3000’s full address is:
3131 Newmark Drive Suite 100, Miamisburg OH

Is the correspondence I received from MED3000 a  bill? I thought Montgomery County residents do not have to pay anything for ambulance transports.

Montgomery County residents do not pay for ambulance transports. The request from MED3000 (the County’s insurance reimbursement contractor) will enable the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service to obtain any additional insurance information it needs to file a claim with the transported person’s insurance company. For non-Montgomery County residents, correspondence from MED3000 may be a request for payment for transport services.

I am not a Montgomery County resident and I received a request for payment for my ambulance transport. I was asked to mail this payment to a Post Office (P.O.) Box in Philadelphia, PA. Is this legitimate?

The Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service has set up a HIPAA*-compliant lockbox with the County contracted banker, PNC, whose mailing address for all EMS transport payments is in Pennsylvania. The address is:

P.O. Box, 824756
Philadelphia, PA 19182-4756

*HIPAA is a Federal law that protects the privacy of an individual’s health care information.

I received a check from my insurance company to pay for my ambulance transport.  What should I do?

Some insurance companies prefer to mail payment for ambulance transport to their customer rather than to Montgomery County, even though the County filed the claim for the ambulance transport. If you receive a check from your insurance company, please endorse the check to Montgomery County and mail it to our contractor’s lockbox at:

P.O. Box 824756
Philadelphia, PA 19182-4756

If you have cashed the check, reimburse the County by sending a check payable to Montgomery County Government for the amount you received from the insurance company and include your account number and the words “Insurance reimbursement” on the memo line. If you need information on your account number or have other questions, call MED3000 (the County’s insurance reimbursement contractor) customer service representatives at 1-866-631-3116

Who do I contact about ambulance transport concerns?

Call MED3000 (the County’s insurance reimbursement contractor) customer service representatives at 1-866-631-3116. If you are not satisfied, contact the EMS Transport Reimbursement Patient Advocate at (240) 777–3636 or email