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Directives Covering Employment Outside the County Services

The Ethics Law prohibits a public employee from engaging in any other employment unless the employment is approved by the Commission. The Commission may impose conditions on its approval of other employment and may adopt appropriate procedures to receive and decide these requests. The procedures and policies for obtaining outside employment approval are contained in Executive Regulation 32-97 (Appendix C). A request for approval of outside employment is confidential until the commission takes action on the request.

In addition to the requirement for Commission approval of other employment generally, an employee must not be employed by, or own more than one percent of, any business that is regulated by the County agency with which the employee is affiliated; or negotiates or contracts with the County agency with which the employee is affiliated. In addition, an employee must not hold any employment relationship that would impair the impartiality and independence of judgment of the employee, unless the Commission grants a waiver.

Departmentally approved applications ready for Ethics Commission consideration may be scanned and emailed to

Police Only Directives

The following directives apply only to employees of the Montgomery County Police Department:



Montgomery County Ethics Commission · 100 Maryland Avenue · Room 204 · Rockville, Maryland 20850 · Telephone: 240-777-6670 · Fax: 240-777-6672
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