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Fariba Kassiri

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

Fariba Kassiri was named to the position of Assistant Chief Administrative Office (ACAO) in March 2006. She is responsible for assisting the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in managing the operations of County Government by providing administrative oversight to the directors of County departments and ensuring that departments’ core activities align with the County’s priority objectives and comply with all applicable policies, procedures, and regulations. Ms. Kassiri oversees County’s Internal Audit, CountyStat, Open Government, and Innovation Programs. In the CAO’s absence, she serves as Acting CAO.
In addition to her role in administrative oversight, her main area of responsibility is to improve County government performance and accountability by evaluating and monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of departments’ organization, services and procedures. She plays a key role in government-wide strategic planning, and provides recommendations to the CAO on a broad range of issues, programs and policies.
Prior to coming to Montgomery County, she spent four years as Special Advisor to the Prince George's County Chief Administrative Officer, providing recommendations to the County Executive and Chief Administrative Officer on a broad range of issues, programs and policies. In that capacity, she represented the County on the Board of- the private sector as a project/highway design engineer.
Ms. Kassiri has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy specializing in finance and management from the University of Maryland.


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