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Family Justice Center

What is an FJC?

butterflyAn FJC is a community-wide collaboration of public and private agencies in a centralized location, near the courts and public transportation that works to assist domestic violence victims and their families. The core concept is to provide one place where families can go to receive services to promote their safety and well-being. It is often called a “one-stop shop” for domestic violence victims seeking assistance. Family Justice Centers, first opened in San Diego in 2002, are now considered a “best practice” by the US Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women in service delivery to families affected by domestic violence. The concept is growing both nationally and internationally.

An FJC seeks to alleviate some of the burdens of domestic violence victims by co-locating needed services and providing assistance for the multiple challenges faced by victims and their families. Instead of having to walk, drive, or take public transportation from one place to another, repeat their story over and over again, the FJC model brings services to families in one safe, convenient, and family-friendly location. To learn more about this new model visit the Family Justice Center Alliance.


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