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The vision of the Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity is to help make Montgomery County a thriving multicultural community where every resident feels welcomed, participates civically, and contributes positively to the economy.


The mission of the Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity is to be Montgomery County Government's welcome center where the County's diverse population can be connected to public and private services, volunteering, civic engagement, cross cultural activities, and economic empowerment.


Provide the most needed services to immigrants in the County through partnerships with other organizations or by utilizing skilled volunteers (information and referral to services, English as a second language, workforce development, civic engagement, computer literacy, citizenship, and pro-bono legal assistance).

Provide Civic engagement academies to help residents get oriented to life in the County, understand their rights and responsibilities, and engage immigrant leadership.

Assist Regional Service Centers to staff (via AmeriCorps) and create programs for Gilchrist Welcome Centers (set up classes, find partners and volunteers, materials, etc).

Be a resource for agencies in terms of finding partners to offer programs, referring volunteers, etc.

Increase coordination and build the network of immigrant service providers.

Promote Diversity/Cross Cultural Understanding and Awareness via activities where people see each other as individuals and not as members of broad social categories. These activities include working together on community issues/problems, language classes, volunteering, and multicultural events.



Charles W. Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center
Headquarters 2424 Reedie Rd., Suite 220 · Wheaton, Maryland 20902 · 240-777-4940
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