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Victim Assistance Program (VASAP) - About Our Staff

 All therapists in the Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program (VASAP) have a minimum of a master's degree in human services.  In addition,  they have  experience and extensive training in rape trauma syndrome, post-traumatic stress and crisis intervention. Therapists working with homicide survivors and those who have lost a loved one to murder are experienced in specialized bereavement issues resulting from a crime.

VASAP therapists are familiar with individual, couple, family and group modalities and techniques. An unusual aspect of the therapeutic role is as a liaison with the local police department in helping clients who want assistance through the criminal justice system. VASAP therapists also work closely with the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in providing assistance to school nurses and guidance counselors. They provide educational presentations to both students and parent groups on the issues of acquaintance rape and general crime.

Assistance with the criminal justice system is provided by Victim Assistants who have a minimum of at least a bachelor's degree. Victim Assistants are knowledgeable and experienced in the criminal justice system, and serve as court companions.  VASAP also provides referrals to other agencies that may be helpful to clients, including referrals to support groups, legal resources, liaisons with the police and the State's Attorney's office and referrals to compensation programs for clients.

All services are augmented by trained volunteers.

For immediate assistance, call:

Weekdays 240-777-1355 weekdays
24-hour crisis line 240-777-4357 24-hour crisis line
TTY 240-777-1347 TTY
FAX 240-777-1329 FAX

Contact us by email at



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