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Commission On Health




Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Montgomery County Commission on Health (COH) is to advise the County Executive and the County Council on public health issues, programs, services and the allocation of funds devoted to public health needs and to monitor and assess the priorities of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MCDHHS) in its efforts to address the health needs of residents in this county. 

The Commission on Health was established on July 1, 1988. See Chapter 24-23 of the Montgomery County Code for a description of the mission of the Commission on Health.  (Can we hyperlink to the establishing legislation just like they do on the CE’s B/C/C page?)  YES


Commission Membership

The Commission is comprised of 19 voting members with representation from consumers and providers of health services in the county.  The majority of the members must be from the County’s public health consumer population.  As dictated by County Code, the Commission also has a representative from the Montgomery County Medical Society.  The County Health Officer and the County Council liaison serve on the Commission in an ex-officio capacity.  



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