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Limited English Proficiency (LEP)

Resources: Communication Tools

What You Need To Know about Language Access in Montgomery County

It is an informative one-paged document summarizing the language access policies in Montgomery County, providing residents with the most important information they need to know about lagnuage access. Click here to download the document in PDF.

Language ID Boards

We Can Serve You in Your Language poster A language identification board is available at all service sites to help staff in a face-to-face situation to identify which language the LEP person speaks. The Language ID board lists the most frequently used languages in Montgomery County.

Wallet Cards

Wallet cards for telephone interpretation The wallet cards are for staff such as police officers and inspectors who need to access the telephone interpretation in the field. Please contact to request cards.

PSA Videos

To promote LEP policies and raise awareness, a series of PSA Videos were produced in 2011. The videos are available on the Office of Community Partnerships' YouTube channel.

For General Language Access Issues of Policy: or Lily Qi, 240-777-2524.

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