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Pro Board and Equivalency

Captain Frantz Pinthiere (Pro Board)



Cecilia Johnson (Equivalency)



link for non jurisdictional equivalency form Non-Jurisdictional Course Equivalency Application

  • Please note when applying for Equivalency:

link to the MFSPQB web site


Lawrence Preston

Maryland Fire Service Professional Qualifications Board

c/o Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute

4500 Paint Branch Pkwy

College Park, Md. 20742

Telephone: 301-226-9924

link to the Pro Board web site

Steps for Applying for Pro Board Certification


  1. Request a MFRI Transcript at   MFRI.ORG ( )  they are  free do not need to be an official transcript. Attach a transcript to each application and highlight the approriate course on each.
  2. Request a PSTA Transcript if you are trying to Pro-Board items that are from the previous edition. This is for courses taken from 1993 to present and does not appear on your MFRI transcript.    MCFRS TRANSCRIPT REQUEST.  Once a Transcript is requested they are locked in the front office for pick up, unless you requested it to be mailed to directly.
  3. Print out your  Pro-Board applications  (

Make sure you have the prerequisites attached to each application. Many applications are returned to the applicant, because they are missing documentation.

Attach a check to each application; this is done, so if one of your many applications needs to be sent back the others can be processed.

 This process could take a month to process the paperwork, please be patient.

Maryland Higher Education Commission


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