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MCFRS Planning Section

Scott Gutschick

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services (MCFRS) Planning Section is an organizational unit within the Administrative Services Division, comprised of a Planning Section Manager and Geographic Information System (GIS) Manager.

The mission of the MCFRS Planning Section is to provide comprehensive planning, research, analytical, GIS, departmental assessment, and related services to assist the department in meeting its mission.

Core Services of the Planning Section:

  • Master/strategic planning services include review and revision of the Fire, Rescue, EMS, and Community Risk Reduction Master Plan, recommending amendments to the Plan, rewriting the Plan at required intervals, and participating in Plan implementation. A related planning function is development of the Annual Strategic Plan for Implementation of Master Plan Priorities. An important element of the planning function is seeking input from MCFRS and community stakeholders and incorporating that input into the Master Plan and Annual Strategic Plan.
  • Assessment services include oversight and coordination of the development and quarterly updating of MCFRS headline performance measures and the Fire Chief’s annual performance plan (a.k.a. Performance and Accountability Report). In addition, assessment services include assisting the MCFRS Accreditation Manager with the oversight and coordination of MCFRS’ compliance with accreditation requirements set forth by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International in order to maintain the department’s accreditation status.
  • Research and analytical services include facility and resource allocation studies; incident frequency, distribution, and trend analysis; response time analysis; identification of needs/gaps in emergency service coverage; and related services.
  • GIS services include provision of maps, pictometry, charts, graphs, spreadsheets, and other forms of documentation to assist in the analysis of incident frequency and distribution (past history and forecasting), response time results and trends, demographic trends, resource allocation, new station siting, and other areas of interest or concern to the department.


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