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Domestic Workers



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The law requires employers to present a written contract to domestic workers and offer to negotiate employment terms.  An employee can agree to work without a contract only if a disclosure statement is signed by the employee.  It does not require minimums in terms of payment (except that current wage laws must be obeyed), benefits, or time off.  The contract must include  the terms listed below:

  • Work
    • Work Schedule (days/hours)
    • Duties
    • Whether an employer can require worker to perform additional duties
  • Payment
    • Salary
    • How often worker will be paid
    • Deductions
    • Overtime pay
  • Paid/Unpaid Time Off
    • Sick Leave
    • Vacation Time
    • Holidays
  • Living Conditions
    • Living accommodations to be provided
    • Deductions for food and lodging, if any
  • Termination of the Contract
    • Severance pay, if any
    • Notice required before termination of contract
  • Additional Terms
    • Length of the contract
    • Reimbursement for work related expenses
    • Notice of employment rights under Maryland law