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The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is a department of the Montgomery County Government which was established to have the following functions: 




The mission of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is to support and enhance the effective, efficient operation of County government, maintain the County's fiscal integrity and financial condition, and preserve the County's AAA bond rating by developing, implementing, and enforcing appropriate budgetary policies and procedures; providing accurate, timely, and objective information and recommendations to the County Executive, County departments, the County Council, and the general public; preparing and administering the operating and capital budgets in compliance with the County Charter, generally accepted accounting principles, and the policy agendas of elected officials; and ensuring that available resources are efficiently allocated and productively used.

Program Descriptions

Budget Preparation and Administration

The Budget Preparation and Administration program covers the annual preparation of the Capital Budget, the six-year Public Services Program and Operating Budget, and the various activities designed to assure compliance with the County Charter and decisions of elected officials. The six-year Capital Improvements Program is prepared during even-numbered calendar years. Fiscal policy and procedures are developed to assure conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and County policies.

Six-year fiscal projections are prepared, including the identification of various Executive fiscal policy proposals and planning allocations. Fiscal planning assumptions and debt capacity analyses are updated, guidance is provided to departments and agencies, and budget recommendations are given to the Executive and Council. In addition, special analyses to monitor expenditures and revenues are conducted periodically during the year. County Executive transfers, Council transfers, and supplemental appropriations are handled as are transactions involving the creation, deletion, and movement of positions in the official position complement.

Related work includes participation in collective bargaining and compensation policy development; fiscal management and policy development; management analyses; measurement initiatives; program evaluations; fiscal impact analyses of legislation and regulations; development and amendment of administrative procedures; development and monitoring of user fees and other revenues; grants coordination; and contract review. The office's leadership, administration, automation, and process management are also included in this program. Staff provide OMB representation on the Contract Review Committee, the Interagency Group on Energy and Utilities Management, the Board of Investment Trustees of the pension system, the Diversity Council, the Telecommunications Transmission Facility Coordinating Group, and the Labor Relations Policy Committee.


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