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we've gone green
We've Gone Green
Going Green has been our mantra since 2010 and is not to be confused with the Green Bay Packers, Green Berets, Green Goblin, green peppers, green M&M's, Irish Green, green with envy, green beans or Mr. Green Jeans, etc. Going Green means eco-friendly public services that are the right thing for everyone!
We've Gone Green!

Montgomery County Recreation is Going Green! Over the past 2 years we've adopted new ways of bringing you information and services in a greener and more economical way. Some of these initiatives include:


  • Changing the mailing procedures for the seasonal Guides to a subscription-only basis;
  • Piloting finger scanning with plans to expand at additional recreation facilities;
  • Encouraging customers to register for RecAlert to receive instant electronic notification of unexpected closures and delays of recreation activities.


Encouraging our customers to maintain current email addresses so we can send receipts, invoices, and other information electronically. Returning customers can check your current account and new customers can create accounts online at Log in and click on My Account to verify or update your account information.