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Montgomery County Maryland
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water exercise classes
Water Exercise Classes
H2O fitness and wellness are the craze, and at MCR, we have everything from cardio workouts to pre-natal classes to hydrotherapies. The benefits for water exercise are undeniable, low impact and a lot of fun. But one innovative class we rejected, albeit reluctantly, is aqua barbecuing. Its day is coming, we’re sure.

Program Information
  • The program fee covers only the class and locker room use. If you wish to use the facility before or after class you must pay the admission fee;
  • No swimming experience is necessary for Deep Water Running, must be comfortable in deep water;
  • Both men and women of all ages are welcome;
  • Physician release form is required if you are pregnant;
  • Physician consultation is recommended prior to participation in any exercise program.
Wellness Network: Linda Costello 301-924-3488
H2O Fitness: Peggy Brower 301-603-1328

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