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competitive aquatic programs
Competitive Aquatic Programs
MCR is proud to be home to some of the highest-level competitive aquatics instruction in the country. Rockville Montgomery Swim Club (RMSC) often sends participants to U.S. Olympics trials. These programs are for serious swimmers and divers who see competition and/or SCUBA certification in their future.
Swim Team

Our Swim Team classes are listed below. Want to browse all of our Competitive Aquatic Programs? Want to search by location, keyword, or day of the week! Ready to register? Browse, search and register for classes on RecWeb!


RMSC is a year-round, United States of America Swimming (USAS) affiliated, age group and senior swim team. The team competes through Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS), which is our local swim committee (LSC) for USAS. RMSC offers a rewarding training and competitive experience to swimmers of all ability and interest levels through a schedule of flexible practice times. Swimmers new to the program must attend a skill assessment and group placement evaluation at the pool of their choice the first week of practice. Coaches will assign practice groups depending on skill level. No swimmer may begin to practice with their designated group until all registration forms have been completed and all fees have been paid in full. Entry into advanced level groups is available by coaches' invitation only. Those who participated in the program last year may register only for the group with which they practiced last year. No swimmer may change group assignment unless instructed to do so by a coach.


2014 MCSL/MCR Swim Teams