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camp forms
Camp Forms
Kids are used to transporting forms between school and home. In fact, it becomes an involuntary reflex. Deliver and drop. Prompt, efficient and stoic. This is how the Post Office has fallen so far behind. UPS and FedEx begin early recruitment of the best carriers when they graduate from elementary school.
Camp Form Information

General camp information will be emailed to parents in June, prior to the beginning of the camp season. After June 5, please download the forms from our website. Included are a Health and Information form and the Camper Code of Conduct and Camper Plan, both of which must be turned in to the camp director on the first day of camp and each session thereafter. Parents who prefer to have the forms mailed to them may request a packet by calling 240-777-6870.

Please complete form and bring to camp on the first day of the summer program. A separate form is needed if camper is registered in multiple program throughout the summer.

If your child must receive medication at camp, you must send or fax a copy of a completed Authorization for Medication form at least fifteen (15) days prior to your child's session.

For campers who reside outside of the United States.

Bring to camp on the first day and each session thereafter. Please make copies to hand in.