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Summer Camps
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Montgomery County Recreation Summer Camps is one of the most popular and ongoing recreation programs in the county. We have camps for all interests, ages 3-21. This does not always go over well with the adults. One middle-aged man cried age discrimination, claiming kids have all the fun. "Ferris Bueller," our lawyers said, "get back to work!"

Important Camp Information

Summer Camps require several easy "Things You Need to Know", such as safety, behavior, foods to bring and what to do in case of an emergency. We provide all that info and more, including the indignation of you kid screaming at 10 decibels because you packed a can of Vienna sausages for lunch.

Age Appropriate Activities | Camp Staff | Camper Behavior | Camper Security|
Field Trips and Special Events | Food at Camp | Pick-Up Policy |
Safety First | Summer Heat | Swimming | RecAlerts | Inclement Weather Policy


Age Appropriate Activities

To make participation fun, each camp provides activities that are designed for specific age categories. Children must be the stated age as of September 1st. Little People Center participants must be 4 years old at the start of the session.


Camp Staff

Camp staff are carefully screened and selected for their activity skills, level of enthusiasm, ability to work well with children, and good judgment. In addition, training is provided on safety procedures and expected conduct, as well as program planning and implementation. By state law, all staff undergo background checks.

Summer Program Staff Manual


Camper Behavior

Respecting others and the property of others is the key to having a great time at camp. To help create a positive camp atmosphere for everyone, campers and their parents must sign that they have read the
Camper Code of Conduct.


Camper Security

For your child's safety, only the individual(s) designated on the Health and Information Form can pick up your child. Additionally, the person completing the health form is the only one who can add or delete individuals with pick-up authority.


Field Trips and Special Events

All camps offer field trips and/or special events to add excitement to the activities. A permission slip must be signed by a parent in order for a child to participate, and in some cases, an additional fee is requested. MCPS buses transport campers to interesting activities in and around Montgomery County and Washington D.C.


Food at Camp

Campers are expected to bring nonperishable food and drink for the entire day. Water is always available at camp. Campers should bring snacks on swim days and/or if registered for Little People Centers or Extended Camp. Any food allergies must be clearly identified on the Health and Information Form to avoid problems. No refrigeration is available. Some camps are peanut-free zones to ensure the safety of participants.


Pick-Up Policy

Parents are expected to pick up children promptly at the close of the program. An overtime fee of $10 per child for each fifteen minutes (or portion of fifteen minutes) is assessed, regardless of the reason for being late. Payment is due at the time of pick-up (cash or check), and a child may not participate again until the late fee has been paid.


Safety First

Because safety is our first priority, our summer camp program operates under the stringent Day Camp Standards established by the Recreation Department and inspected by the State of Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. Camp staff are certified in CPR and First Aid.


Summer Heat

Although many camp sites are air-conditioned, when code red alerts and high temperature warnings are issued, program activities may be modified. Scheduled events may be substituted with alternative activities such as less active games, water play, and indoor activities. Air-conditioning is not guaranteed.



Recreational swimming at Recreation Department outdoor pools is provided at all full day camps. MCPS buses are used to transport campers to the pool, unless a pool is within walking distance. Swim schedule will be available in May.


Tax Information

Request for information for Child Care Spending Report
Receipts for out-of-school programs for tax purposes are available to you through your RecWeb account.
The Recreation Department’s Federal Tax Identification number is 52-6000980.




Inclement Weather Policy

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4010 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902
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