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Adult Soccer
Adult Soccer
A sportswriter claimed soccer to be unconstitutional because it allowed you to use your head but not your hands. Lawyers were stumped on which amendment had been violated, which caused a ruckus until the referee threatened a yellow card violation for delay of jurisprudence. Play quickly resumed.


Women’s Soccer

Recreational adult soccer league for women offered in the fall and spring with various divisions ranging in age and skill level. 


  • Fall 2016 registration opens: July 25, 2016
  • Registration closes: August 23, 2016
  • Games begin: September 7-11, 2016


For schedules and standings, please visit



** Team registration only  **

Individuals – Please register under Free Agents, course number 25411. Placement is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to find a team for you.


Register Your Team


Teams are encouraged to register online at with the appropriate course number (Course numbers can be found under the league information below), but paper registrations can be mailed or delivered to:

Montgomery County Recreation, Sports, 4010 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD 20902

All checks are made payable to: ActiveMontgomery




Women’s 24+

Age: 24+ (Must turn 24 within the current calendar year)

Games: 8

Game Day: Saturday

Location: Various Montgomery Parks Fields

Divisions: Competitive and Recreational (Divisions will be determined based on prior season records; New teams will have the opportunity to recommend a division for their team)

Course #:  21183


Women’s 40+

Age: 40+ (Must turn 40 within the current calendar year)

Games: 8

Game Day: Wednesday

Location: Various Montgomery Parks Fields

Course #:  21182


No paper rosters will be required. However, all players are required to join the team roster online. Once the team manager registers the team via ActiveMontgomery, the system will allow an email to be sent to all the team members with a registration code to join the team. 


Please see the following documents for a step-by-step process:


How to Register / Create a Team on ActiveMontgomery 

How to Join a Team Roster 

How to Add an Email Address for a Family Member on ActiveMontgomery

Managing Your Team Online in ActiveMontgomery


Need additional players?

Contact your league coordinator for a copy of the free agent list.


Payment Plans

Optional payment plans are available when registering through ActiveMontgomery. The first half of the payment is due upon registration and the second half is due halfway through the season.


Forfeit/Refund Policy

Any team forfeiting two games will be dropped from the league unless they post a $100 forfeit fee for reinstatement. No refunds after the schedules are released or posted.


Referee Feedback

For all input regarding referees, please complete the Referee Evaluation Form


Park Fields

Feedback and concerns regarding Montgomery Parks fields can be reported here



Contact your league coordinator.