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Montgomery County Recreation has partnered with several middle schools in the county to create exciting after-school activities that make school a more exciting place to be. RecXtra isn't a cookie cutter program, we get to know each school, its administration, and the student body so we can create a customized program to fit each site.

RecXtra offers students the ability to learn new skills, gain new experiences, meet new classmates and make new friendships along with participating in cool activities with their favorite teachers. RecXtra participants are involved in a positive environment that can provide them with the tools for Positive Youth Development. A lot of what we do gives our students greater general experience, positive self-esteem and greater choices in what they can do.

Students can learn more about who they are and who they want to be and they can learn useful skills and make new friends along the way.

Who can participate in RecXtra?
Any student at a partnering middle school. Check out the link below for a list of RecExtra schools.
When does RecXtra happen?
That depends on which school you attend. RecXtra is usually offered at least two days a week, after school. Find your school in the list below to find more details about days and times.
What kind of activities are there?
Depending on your school, RecXtra offers a variety of activities including sports, arts, baby-sitting instruction, chess, improv theatre, sewing, step dance, tennis, weight training, and poms. Get in touch with your After School Activities Coordinator to learn which activities are offered at your school.
Who is the After School Activities Coordinator?
Find your school in the schools list to see who your ASAC is.