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Internships for Law School Students and Post Graduate Fellowships:

Interested in Becoming a Law School Intern or a Post Law School Fellow?

To Apply, Please submit a Cover Letter of Interest and a Resume:

‚ÄčMargaret Freiss
(240) 777-7437 (Phone)
(240) 777-7414 (Fax)

The State's Attorney's Office recruits Law School Students for 3 semesters per year: Fall, Spring and Summer.

All Law School Interns are expected to commit to a full semester term (11-15 weeks depending on the semester) with a specific number of hours per week. Sixteen to twenty (16-20) hours per week during the school year, and twenty-four to forty (24-40) hours per week for the summer months.

Each Division has a limited number of placements for non-salaried legal interns. Interns have the unique opportunity to receive two hands-on experiences in the preparation of the prosecution of criminal cases in either our District Court Division or our Circuit Court Division.

District Court Screening Division Interns plays a critical role in preparing (screening) and assisting Assistant State's Attorneys in the District Court with misdemeanor criminal cases. The intern is a bridge between the citizens and the legal system, to educate the community to better understand the workings of the criminal justice system, and assist citizens to more effectively utilize the legal system to achieve justice. In addition to screening cases, Law School Interns provide assistance to our Assistant State’s Attorneys in the courtroom once a week. The screening process includes:

  • Interviewing victims, witnesses, police officers

  • Gathering and reviewing evidence

  • Preparing subpoenas, motions, and other court documents

  • Writing a factual narrative of the events

  • Identifying and analyzing legal issues

  • Researching applicable case law

  • Making a recommendation to the Assistant State's Attorney on how the case should progress

Circuit Court Division Interns will be preforming the following duties in various Divisions:

  • Legal Research and Writing as it applies to cases assigned

  • Trial Team Support (in the courtroom)

  • Conferencing cases with the Assistant State assigned

  • Obtaining and reviewing evidence for cases assigned

  • Redaction on documents to be introduced in court

  • Listening to jail calls

  • Victim/Witness support (fielding v/w questions before and during court)

Post Law School Graduate Fellowship Program

The State's Attorney's Office for Montgomery County offers one year fellowships, which afford Post Law School Graduates an opportunity to research, write, receive mentoring, courtroom exposure, and experience the atmosphere of a prosecution office.


  • JD Graduate
  • Unpaid Position with a year commitment
  • Truancy Prevention Program Participation
  • Reliable Transportation

Applicant may or may not secure their own funding. The State's Attorney's Office for Montgomery County is unable to remit funds directly to the applicant.

Many of our former Law School Interns and Post Law School Fellows have been hired not only for positions in our office but for prosecutor's offices across the state and country. In addition, many of our interns have attained Judicial Clerkships upon graduation from law school.



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