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 Internships for Undergraduate Students:

Interested in Becoming an Intern?
Contact Kim Campbell
Phone: (240) 777-7336
Fax: (240) 777-7414

As a Victim/Witness Coordinator, the undergraduate college student acts as a liaison between victims and State's witnesses, and the prosecuting attorney. The intern is assigned a particular day in court, and each week is responsible for pulling the files in preparation for that court day. The intern also contacts the State's victims and witnesses regarding their court appearance and answers any questions they may have.

On occasion, the intern seeks to find those witnesses who have not been subpoenaed, but are necessary for the successful prosecution of the case. In court, the Coordinator keeps the prosecuting attorney abreast of the status of the witnesses, and communicates with the victims and witnesses - explaining the status of their case.

The office recruits students for 3 semesters per year: Fall, Spring and Summer.

This is a practical way of learning the operation of the criminal justice system. It's a great eye-opening experience where you not only establish a rapport with the support staff and prosecuting attorneys in the office, but with attorneys of the private sector. Many former interns have gone on to become Police Officers, Commissioners, and Attorneys.


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