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Community Outreach: Innovative and Proactive Programs 

SAO elder abuse

community outreach is founded on the idea that prosecutors have a responsibility not only to prosecute cases, but to solve public safety problems, prevent crime and improve public confidence in the justice system. Thus, our Community Outreach Unit works closely with schools, businesses, religious institutions, and other community groups to address and impact crime before it occurs.

Maloney and Kids

Assistant State’s Attorneys attend community meetings, police roll calls, and other local events to connect with Montgomery County residents and to learn about community issues. Their goal is to proactively identify problem areas and to allocate the necessary resources to meet the needs of the community.

The Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office is involved in the following programs:

Community Service

  • Senior Citizen Presentations
  • Identifying and prosecuting community impact cases.
  • Police Academy Training
  • School Presentations
    • Internet Safety and Cyberbullying (view  video on CyberSafety Website Program)
    • Safe Teen Dating
    • Alcohol and Drug Prevention
    • Every 15 Minutes Programs
  • Truancy Prevention Programs
  • Community Meetings
  • Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • *If you know of a school, senior citizen, or community group that would be interested in a presentation, please contact our office directly at  240-777-7300

Staff Directory

Name/Link to email Position Phone Number
George Simms Chief- Community Outreach Unit 240-777-7383
Phil Andrews Deputy Chief- Community Outreach Unit 240-777-7400
Lynda Earle-Hill Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7402
Angela Chen Volunteer Maryland Coordinator (AmeriCorps) 240-777-7501
Arielle Hinton  Assistant State's Attorney 240-777-7317
Joesph Hooks Assistant Truancy Prevention Program Coordinator 240-777-7503
Dyana Plazas Assistant Truancy Prevention Program Coordinator 240-777-7508
Rexanah Wyse Assistant State's Attorney, Truancy Prevention Program Manager 240-777-7461


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