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  Family Violence Division

Under the leadership of State's Attorney, John J. McCarthy, the Family Violence Division (FVD) has dramatically expanded in size and expertise. The FVD is currently responsible for the prosecution of all physical and sexual child abuse, domestic violence, vulnerable adult and elder abuse, and child abduction cases in the county. The FVD is comprised of specially trained prosecutors, a domestic violence program director, legal assistants, victim witness coordinators, legal aides, screeners, and interns.

Meet the Assistant State's Attorneys for the Family Violence Division

Debbie Feinstein, Chief: 240-777-7448

Anderson, Mark: 240-777-7391

Birdsall, Cory: 240-777-7411

Fenton, Donna: 240-777-7320

Garrett, Dermot: 240-777-7380

Hagan, Tim: 240-777-7451

Hall, Jessica: 240-777-7453

Haynos, Elizabeth: 240-777-7404

Kaplan, Dana: 240-777-7464

Michalski, Amanda: 240-777-7452

Wechsler, Ryan: 240-777-7367


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