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2015 Montgomery County Recycling Achievement Recognition

Recycler of the Year

Multi-Family Recycling Achievement Awards

Business Recycling Achievement Awards

Recycler of the Year - 2015

Awarded to community champions who significantly increased recycling awareness and motivated others in the community to maximize their recycling, composting, grasscycling, waste reduction and buying recycled efforts.

Special Recognition

  1. Theresa Babicki (Good Earth Potomac, Potomac)

    Ms. Theresa Babicki is a Sales Associate at Good Earth in Potomac. Ms. Babicki has demonstrated a commitment to protecting the environment by promoting backyard composting to her customers. The store serves as one of nineteen backyard compost bin pick-up locations who have partnered with us and agreed to be locations where County residents can obtain a compost bin. Ms. Babicki also coordinates composting workshops during the spring and fall seasons to provide her customers the opportunity to learn about backyard composting.

  2. Alena Biagas (Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Gaithersburg)

    Ms. Alena Biagas, manager of the Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland ReStore in Gaithersburg, is committed to protecting the environment and saving natural resources by providing her customers with opportunities to learn about reducing waste, recycling and backyard composting. Ms. Biagas sets up educational and interactive displays several days throughout the year to educate and motivate her customers to increase their awareness of ways they can protect the environment through reducing waste, recycling and composting at home.

  3. Betty Denne (Damascus Library, Damascus)

    Ms. Betty Denne, Librarian Assistant at Damascus Library is a prime example of an employee who is committed to providing high quality of service to residents of Montgomery County. Ms. Denne coordinates annual backyard composting workshops to provide residents in her community with the opportunity to learn about backyard composting. As part of this effort, she oversees the creation of an educational display consisting of books related to composting and recycling for all ages.

  4. Susan Eisendrath

    Ms. Susan Eisendrath, a Master Composter with the Montgomery County Master Gardener Program, is active in our community to promote backyard and on-site composting. Ms. Eisendrath understands how composting promotes healthier lawns and gardens and strives to share her understanding with others. She schedules County staff to conduct composting workshops at several community events throughout the year where residents are provided with information and tips on composting at home.

  5. Michelle Fang

    Now in the 9th grade, Michelle Fang has contributed over 30 hours of service this past year volunteering at various activities. Michelle provides educational materials about waste reduction, recycling, buying recycled products and backyard composting to residents.  As a volunteer for the past two years, Michelle has proven herself to be very helpful, dependable, and versatile and we continue to look forward to working with her.

  6. Alexander Guzman

    Since becoming a recycling volunteer in April 2014, Alexander contributed nearly 41 hours of recycling volunteer service at various community outreach events. During the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, Alexander played a lead role in providing recycling outreach and education to our Spanish-speaking community making them feel at ease to ask questions and receive information about recycling.  During the eight-day Agricultural Fair in 2014, Alexander contributed 30 hours of volunteer service.

  7. Kimberly Guzman

    Kimberly became a recycling volunteer last April and has contributed nearly 41 hours of her time to the Division.  Kimberly was very helpful during the 2014 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, providing information about waste reduction, recycling and buying recycled products to Spanish-speaking residents.  She assisted children and adults at the “reuse” craft activities table and was effective in educating them about the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.

  8. Freeman Lee

    Joining the recycling volunteer program in 2010, Freeman was instrumental in assisting residents who visited the recycling booth during the 2014 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.  Freeman was continuously interacting with people, answering questions and providing information about the County’s various recycling and waste reduction programs.  He also assisted the Division by helping kids and families at the “reuse” craft activities table and helped staff by making sure there were adequate supplies and materials available.  Since 2010, Freeman has dedicated almost 70 hours of his time to support the Division’s waste reduction and recycling initiatives during the fair and other outreach events.

  9. Bebe McMeekin

    Ms. Bebe McMeekin, a Montgomery County Master Gardener, understands how important it is for each of us to take steps to reduce our impacts on the environment. Each year, Ms. McMeekin assists the Montgomery County Master Gardeners in planning their annual Spring Conference for nearly one hundred master gardeners. To minimize their impact on the environment and reduce the amount of waste generated during the conference, Ms. McMeekin also researches products that are compostable or recyclable to use during the conference.

  10. Ten Thousand Villages Rockville

    Ten Thousand Villages, located in Rockville, has worked closely with the Division of Solid Waste Services for many years, to promote waste reduction, recycling and buying recycled products to their customers. Store manager, Mr. David Saltz, has continued that tradition and recently served as a judge to review entries submitted from students throughout the county that participated in the Division’s “Reduce Waste and Recycle 70 Percent by 2020” recycling poster contest.

Multi-Family Recycling Achievement Awards

Excellence in Recycling

Awarded to multi-family properties that demonstrated excellence in their recycling efforts during the past year that resulted in the property recycling 70 percent or more of its waste stream in Calendar Year 2014.

  1. Avalon at Grosvenor Station

    Avalon at Grosvenor Station recycled 80 percent of its waste in 2014. Since 2012, it has more than doubled its recycling rate by increasing its mixed paper recycling capacity and the amount of scrap metal recycled.

  2. Berkshires at Rock Spring

    Berkshires at Rock Spring recycled 86 percent of its waste stream in 2014. Berkshires at Rock Spring reduces waste by using an electronic application and lease process that allows residents to pay their rent online, emailing property communications and newsletters to residents, and utilizing its social media sites to communicate property news and events.

  3. Churchill Senior Living

    Recycling 90 percent of their waste in 2014, Churchill Senior Living in Germantown made it the multi-family property with the highest reported recycling rate in Montgomery County. This is the third time in four years that Churchill Senior Living recycled more than 70 percent of its waste. Staff members are very proactive and continually look for ways to improve its recycling program.

  4. The Sterling

    Staff and residents at The Sterling recycled 71 percent of their waste in 2014. Staff reduces waste in the office by reusing items whenever possible and reducing paper usage through the use of electronic newsletters and correspondence with residents.

  5. Victory Terrace

    Victory Terrace in Potomac continued its outstanding recycling performance in 2014 by recycling 88 percent of its waste. Victory Terrace makes special efforts to educate their residents by conducting recycling information seminars in Spanish and offering floor-by-floor refresher seminars to residents. Promoting waste reduction is a major part of their effort and includes hosting yard sales and holiday sales, encouraging the donation of used items, reusing paper, and providing reusable mugs for office and resident functions.

  6. The Waterford Condominium

    The Waterford Condominium recycled 73 percent of its waste in 2014. Its recycling program is driven by staff and its Green Team Committee, which is committed to educating residents about recycling and green energy opportunities. The Waterford formed a partnership with neighboring Einstein High School whereby students with special needs assist with the collection of recyclable materials and the shredding of confidential papers for their residents.

  7. Willow Manor at Cloppers Mill

    Willow Manor at Cloppers Mill recycled 73 percent of its waste in 2014, the third time in four years that it recycled more than 70 percent of its waste! Management organized a cellphone donation program and set up donation stations for other items from residents in an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated.

  8. Willow Manor at Colesville

    Willow Manor at Colesville recycled 70 percent of its waste stream in 2014, continuing its history of excellence in recycling. This is the third time in four years that this property recycled 70 percent of more of their waste. To help reduce waste, property staff provides reusable shopping bags to residents and decreased the frequency of paper-based notices sent to residents.

Outstanding Efforts in Recycling (Multi-Family)

Awarded to multi-family properties, property management companies, and resident recycling committees that established and/or contributed to excellent recycling or waste reduction efforts.

  1. Asbury Methodist Village

    Asbury Methodist Village has an extensive and comprehensive recycling program that allowed it to recycle 62 percent of its waste in 2014. Staff and residents are highly committed to reducing waste and recycling as much as possible. The property has hosted several recycling education events where residents are always excited to talk about how they can recycle more materials.

  2. Cherry Knoll Apartments

    Cherry Knoll Apartments recycled 62 percent of their waste in 2014. Since 2009, Cherry Knoll Apartments has doubled its recycling capacity while reducing overall trash generation by two-thirds. To help reduce waste and close the loop, the property maintains electronic records instead of paper files, utilizes E-brochures, and purchases recycled content paper.

  3. Colonnade at Kentlands

    The Colonnade at Kentlands recycled 64 percent of its waste in 2014. It achieved this outstanding recycling rate by dramatically increasing capacity for residents to recycle mixed paper and commingled materials, and adding a third weekly collection day to the collection schedule.  In addition, residents are regularly reminded about what and how to recycle via its newsletter.

  4. Decoverly IV Condominium

    Decoverly IV Condominium recycled 64 percent of its waste stream in 2014. The secret to its continued success has been increased recycling collection frequency and implementing a convenient scrap metal recycling program for the residents.

  5. Jefferson at Inigo's Crossing

    Jefferson at Inigo’s Crossing achieved a 62 percent recycling rate in 2014. Property staff promotes in-home green initiatives to residents, recommending a number of waste reduction and reuse opportunities, while practicing what they preach in their own work space.

  6. The Promenade

    The Promenade recycled 59 percent of its waste in 2014. The combined efforts of property staff and its resident Green Team have created an outstanding recycling program and helped The Promenade recycle more than fifty percent of its waste for the past six years.

  7. Riderwood Village

    Riderwood Village’s comprehensive waste reduction and recycling program continued its tradition of outstanding performance by recycling 68 percent of its waste in 2014. Its program includes waste reduction practices such as utilizing green cleaning products and techniques, expanding its recycling program to include more than a dozen additional categories of recyclables, including recycling more than 640,000 pounds of food scraps, hosting monthly recycling education events for residents in its dining rooms, and using monthly meetings to educate and update staff on recycling issues and initiatives.

  8. The Riviera of Chevy Chase

    The Riviera of Chevy Chase recycled 69 percent of its waste in 2014—its highest recycling rate to date! Increased sorting of recyclables by staff and increased recycling capacity allowed The Riviera to achieve this new high mark, while reducing the frequency of its trash collection. Management also relies upon resident “Floor Watchers” to monitor recycling and immediately report any issues or problems.

Recycling Achievement - Multi-Family Resident

Awarded to multi-family residents that made significant contributions to improving the recycling and/or waste reduction efforts of their property.

  1. Louise Liu

    Ms. Louise Liu is a resident at Seneca Knolls Condominium. She is extremely active in labeling recycling containers, hanging posters in the property’s seven collection areas, and distributing the County’s “baby blue” apartment-sized recycling bins to residents. She also recruits fellow residents to help monitor the recycling areas to ensure everything is being recycled properly.

  2. Margo Morrison

    When Ms. Margo Morrison moved to Friends House Retirement Community 20 years ago, she found a community committed to recycling but with questions about how to do so properly. Ms. Morrison took it upon herself to walk the center’s five separate residential wings twice each day (covering one mile each day) to check the trash rooms and make sure everything was being recycled properly. At age 90, she recently reduced her trips to once per day, and still takes the time to post notices on trash room doors and provide updates to residents at monthly wing meetings.

Recycling Achievement - Multi-Family Property Staff

Awarded to multi-family property staff that made significant improvements to their property’s recycling programs.

  1. Thomas Doody

    As Property Manager of Brookside Apartments/Temple Housing in Kensington, Mr. Thomas Doody has taken steps to increase recycling capacity and improve the recycling program at Brookside Apartments. Mr. Doody was recently a guest speaker at a Multi-Family Recycling Program seminar to share his experience improving recycling programs and the importance of providing recycling education to residents on a regular basis.

  2. Elieth Montiel

    Ms. Elieth Montiel is the Cleaning Supervisor at The Willoughby of Chevy Chase Condominium. Under her watchful eye, The Willoughby’s trash and recycling rooms are always immaculately clean. She also checks the recycling containers daily to ensure that all recyclable materials are separated and being recycled properly.

Business Recycling Achievement Awards

Excellence in Recycling

Awarded to businesses and organizations that recycled 70 percent or more of their waste stream in 2014.

  1. The Bartley Corporation

    In 2014, the Bartley Corporation recycled 73 percent of their waste. Staff improved labeling on the recycling containers making recycling easier to understand for their employees and customers.

  2. Daly Computers, Inc.

    Daly Computers in Clarksburg recycled 88 percent of their waste stream in 2014. Daly Computers works with both employees and contractors to make sure all materials such as cardboard, pallets and electronics are properly recycled.

  3. Fitzgerald Auto Malls

    Fitzgerald Auto Malls recycled 82 percent of their waste in 2014. Their success has been achieved by recycling both mandatory and voluntary materials including motor oil, antifreeze and oil filters. The commitment of Fitzgerald Auto Malls towards sustainability has been a key component of their recycling efforts.

  4. IBM Gaithersburg

    IBM Gaithersburg recycled 74 percent of their waste stream in 2014. Their efforts which also include recycling a number of voluntary materials have been bolstered by regular employee training and through reminders sent via e-mail and internal newsletters.

  5. Landon School Corporation

    The Landon School Corporation recycled 75 percent of their waste in 2014 through a combination of waste reduction, composting and improved recycling efforts. Their food service staff has implemented a zero waste cafeteria which has dramatically reduced the amount of waste generated from their kitchen.

Outstanding Achievement - Business

Awarded to businesses for their outstanding efforts in implementing or improving their recycling, waste reduction or buying recycled programs and educational efforts.

  1. 6905 Rockledge Drive

    The building management at 6905 Rockledge Drive in Bethesda holds quarterly meetings where tenants are updated on their recycling progress as well as on ways to further increase office participation in the building’s recycling program. Both tenants and management have worked together to achieve recycling success.

  2. 9200, 9211, 9221 Corporate Boulevard

    At these LEED Gold Certified buildings, tenants are reminded about the importance of recycling and the positive impact it can have on the environment and in their community. Management relies on their janitorial staff to monitor the recycling containers to ensure every tenant recycles properly.

  3. 20250, 20251, 20201, 20300 Century Boulevard

    Education is a key component of the recycling program at these buildings. Property management provides recycling information to new tenants as part of their move-in package. Management also promotes other sustainable practices by providing reusable bags and information on eco-friendly products.

  4. Banneker Ventures, LLC

    Banneker Ventures knows how to recycle.  They have implemented a well-running recycling program, complete with abundant and clearly labeled recycling containers and advocating participants.  Their experience as planners and managers of infrastructure projects is well reflected in the organization and their participation in their recycling program.

  5. Bretton Woods Golf Course

    Bretton Woods Golf Course has a goal to recycle 90 percent of their waste stream.  Management and staff have undertaken steps to significantly increase and maximize their recycling and reuse efforts. Recycling containers are placed inside all buildings, in numerous recreation areas, and throughout their golf course, giving all staff and customers the opportunity to participate in their recycling program.

  6. Briggs Chaney Walk-In Clinic, LLC

    The employees of Briggs Chaney Walk-In Clinic are enthusiastic about their recycling program. They actively encourage proper participation through clear communications with each other, whether there is an issue with their recycling program, or when the program is running smoothly.  Their actions demonstrate a true commitment to recycling.

  7. Chapala Restaurant

    Mr. Jorge Andrade effectively set up a recycling program to capture all of their commingled materials, mixed paper, and cardboard generated in the kitchen. Their recycling program continues to excel as a result of the dedication proven by management and employees.

  8. Chevy Chase Metro Building

    The management team at Chevy Chase Metro Building keeps their tenants informed about recycling. They are always looking for ways to improve their recycling efforts and are constantly looking for innovative ideas to capture all of the recyclable materials generated from the building.

  9. Clifford, Debelius, Boynton & Hyatt, CHTD.

    The staff at Clifford, Debelius, Boynton & Hyatt have successfully integrated recycling into their daily operations by placing recycling stations in convenient locations for their employees to use. This has made recycling easy for their employees and increased overall recycling participation throughout the company.

  10. DePerini Metal Fabricators

    Employees at DePerini Metal Fabricators are very diligent about recycling. They separate their recyclables properly and have implemented a recycling program for light bulbs and electronic parts. They don’t let anything go to waste!

  11. Five Below

    The employees at Five Below in Rockville worked diligently to revamp their recycling program in 2014 to capture all of the cardboard and mixed paper that’s generated at the store. To improve their recycling efforts, they placed mixed paper recycling containers throughout the store to help them achieve this goal.

  12. The Ivymount School

    The Ivymount School has a well-run recycling program with excellent participation from both staff and students. Everyone at the school is well informed about how and where to recycle all of their recyclable materials. Recycling bins are labeled and placed in all common areas. This school shows a true commitment to recycling.

  13. The Manor Montessori School

    The Manor Montessori School realizes that recycling has a positive environmental impact in the community. In 2014, the school worked with the Division of Solid Waste Services to improve their recycling efforts. As a result, management placed recycling containers throughout the school and has ensured everyone’s continued participation in their recycling program. Keep up the good work!

  14. Matchbox

    Matchbox, located on Rockville Pike in Rockville, does a great job educating their employees about recycling. They created a checklist for the collection of recyclable materials to ensure that all materials are being placed in the appropriate containers. The trash and recycling receptacles are different colors to make it even easier for their employees to recycle.

  15. McLean School of Maryland

    The staff and students at McLean School of Maryland in Potomac actively participate in their recycling program. The High School Environmental Committee educates students on the importance of recycling while the staff continues to work on ways to reduce the amount of waste generated. As part of this effort, the school implemented a food scrap recycling program that diverted 32,000 pounds of food scraps from their waste stream in 2014.

  16. Merry Maids

    The management and staff at Merry Maids on Linden Lane in Silver Spring do a great job recycling everything they possibly can.  This includes many cleaning bottles and containers, as well as packaging, which are generated as part of their work.  As a team, this Merry Maids follow their recycling program with discipline and dedication.

  17. NCR Corporation

    The recycling program at NCR Corporation is a fine example of how businesses should approach the ideas of providing accessible and understandable recycling options for their employees. Throughout each floor of the building, recycling bins are located in appropriate locations and are accessible to all employees. In addition, educational posters are posted at each location as a reminder about the types of materials that need to be recycled.

  18. The Primary Day School

    The Primary Day School in Bethesda reviews recycling protocols during monthly staff meetings.  Teachers, staff, students and parents are urged to recycle both at school as well as at home. Students are required to work on special projects throughout the year where they need to make items using various recycled materials.

  19. Raw Ink Studio

    Everyone at Raw Ink Studio is very conscientious about preventing waste and improving recycling at their business. All of the staff members are committed to recycling and are very knowledgeable about other sustainable practices.

  20. RCT Endodontics

    RCT Endodontics embraced recycling in 2014.  After meeting with staff to discuss ideas to improve their recycling efforts, the message spread throughout the entire office.  Staff has embraced recycling which in turn has increased their recycling efforts.

  21. Rockville Swim Fitness Center

    Rockville Swim Fitness Center, operated by the City of Rockville, undertook an initiative to improve its’ business recycling program in 2014. Management ensured compliance with the County’s recycling requirements by training all staff members.  In addition, recycling containers are placed in convenient locations so that participation is easy for both employees and customers.

  22. Takoma Park Co-op

    The Takoma Park Co-op is a community that lives its beliefs.  The store’s recycling program demonstrates their dedication as a steward of the environment.   It is no trivial matter for a grocery store to divert every recyclable item from the trash stream, but the co-op does just that by making sure all recyclable materials generated are collected for recycling.

  23. Unique Thrift Store

    Unique Thrift Store took a close look at their recycling efforts and made dramatic improvements in 2014. After training their staff and establishing better recycling procedures, they increased the amount of mixed paper recycled by capturing all of their unwanted books and catalogs.

  24. United States Department of Energy

    The United States Department of Energy maintains an excellent recycling program which comes as a result of their strong educational efforts within their organization. The Department of Energy has several visual educational boards and labeled recycling containers in all common areas of the facility. Revenues earned by their recycling initiatives are donated to the Sheila Jo Watkins Memorial Child Development Centers.

Outstanding Achievement – Individual

Awarded to individual employees for their outstanding efforts in implementing or improving the recycling, waste reduction or buying recycled programs and educational efforts at their workplace.

  1. Luis Alvarado and Brittany Frankel

    Mr. Luis Alvarado and Ms. Brittany Frankel of Peterson Companies have been instrumental in managing the ongoing recycling efforts at Downtown Silver Spring Sections A-D. In addition to providing recycling education to the businesses in this area of Silver Spring, they also continue to look for ways to further reinvigorate their recycling efforts.

  2. Deine Avila

    As the manager of several of Red Coats’ cleaning crews, Ms. Deine Avila ensured that their staff are trained and certified in the Division’s janitorial service recycling certification program. Ms. Avila diligently scheduled the trainings and ensured her staff attended the sessions on-time. Ms. Avila is a recycling advocate that believes in conducting business in a sustainable manner.

  3. Valle Bonhag

    As the manager for Cabin John Mall in Potomac, Ms. Valle Bonhag takes full ownership over the recycling program and puts great effort into ensuring tenants have everything they need to maximize their recycling efforts.  She continually monitors the recycling program to ensure proper participation and compliance.

  4. Catherine Costopoulos

    Ms. Catherine Costopoulos, Senior Property Manager, continually looks for ways to improve the recycling program at 1401 Rockville Pike in Rockville. She communicates recycling information to her tenants to make sure that everyone in the building is aware of their recycling program and how to properly recycle.

  5. Tony Durso

    Mr. Tony Durso’s dedication to waste reduction and recycling is, in one word, remarkable. He monitors the recycling containers of each employee to ensure their full and proper participation and sends out friendly reminders to those employees that are not recycling. He keeps everyone involved to ensure recycling is a success at NCR Corporation.

  6. Joe Fitzgibbon

    Mr. Joe Fitzgibbon is a tireless champion of recycling in Montgomery County. Not only does he wear the hat of recycling advocate for Red Coats, but he is also a trusted source for any recycling issues or concerns that his customers might have. He takes it upon himself to set-up recycling outreach events at most of his client’s properties and constantly strives to increase the recycling rates for all of his clients.

  7. Joel Flores

    Mr. Joel Flores continues to improve the recycling program at the Bolger Center for Leadership Development. He actively communicates recycling information to employees to make sure that everyone knows how to recycle properly and is always looking for ways to divert recyclables from the waste stream.

  8. Tiesha Hackley

    Ms. Tiesha Hackley is the property manager at Silver Spring Metro Plaza. She has shown the initiative, leadership and perseverance to enhance the property’s recycling program. Ms. Hackley developed innovative incentive recycling programs such as honoring tenants on a monthly basis who recycle well.  She is also known to educate tenants who are not recycling.  Her novel approaches and can-do attitude have produced excellent recycling participation at her property.

  9. Brittany Hilliker

    Ms. Brittany Hilliker takes special interest in the recycling programs at the buildings she manages. She provides recycling containers and education to her tenants. She also holds lobby recycling education events and keeps her tenants updated on their recycling progress.

  10. Eleanor Hough

    As an Assistant Property Manager, Ms. Eleanor Hough monitors the recycling rates at each of her properties and attends business recycling seminars to ensure her that each of her properties is in full compliance with the County’s recycling regulations.

  11. Ariell Lawrence

    Ms. Ariell Lawrence is the Recycling Coordinator at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, home to over 20,000 employees in Montgomery County. To educate and motivate this large number of employees, many of whom are there for short periods of time, Ms. Lawrence informs employees of their recycling program and numerous recycling initiatives by developing clear and informational signage, and proper placement of recycling containers throughout the campus.

  12. Stacee Longenecker

    Ms. Stacee Longenecker is committed to recycling. As the property manager for 6720 Rockledge Drive, she ensures that all of her tenants have a recycling program in place. She monitors every office for compliance and constantly reminds all of her tenants about the importance of recycling.

  13. Bob Mallasch

    Mr. Bob Mallasch from Bob’s Bikes in Poolesville coordinates the recycling efforts of his business along with two other businesses in their shopping center. He educates all employees on the importance of recycling and maintains a well-run recycling program.

  14. Jeanne A. Nabavi

    Ms. Jeanne Nabavi has established a successful recycling program at GEICO headquarters in Chevy Chase. From coordinating a series of outreach and education events for the employees to recycling training for the cleaning crew, Ms. Nabavi ensures that all employees have the correct and most up-to-date information on recycling and motivates employees to make their recycling efforts successful.

  15. Kathy Oates

    Ms. Kathy Oates is an Assistant Property Manager at Site Realty.  Ms. Oates continues to ensure that each property is in compliance with the County’s recycling requirements.  She ensures that all annual recycling reports are filed in a timely manner and that information is accurate.

  16. William Ortega-Ortiz

    Mr. William Ortega-Ortiz works for the Environmental Programs Department at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center - Naval Support Activity in Bethesda. In this role, he organized their Environmental Education Program and Energy Fair at their Childcare Development Center.  Both of these events highlight the importance of recycling and each individual’s role in a sustainable environment.

  17. Josue Ortiz Maltez and Digna Sorto

    Mr. Josue Ortiz Maltez and Ms. Digna Sorto lead the facilities team charged with sorting materials generated by the tenants at the Silver Spring Metro Plaza buildings.  They are instrumental in keeping the recycling stream clean, and providing valuable feedback about recycling participation to the property management.  Digna and Josue’s leadership are important factors in the success of the recycling program at Silver Spring Metro Plaza.

  18. Mary Riegert

    Ms. Mary Riegert, Senior Property Manager, Finmarc Management, is committed to recycling. She proactively contacts the Division for recycling updates to ensure she has the most up-to-date information on recycling.   She is always looking for innovative ways to improve the recycling initiatives at the properties she manages.

  19. Chris Yorro

    As the property manager for the Verizon Chesapeake Complex, Mr. Chris Yorro took the lead in revamping their recycling program.  He has worked diligently to ensure that all of their employees are recycling which has resulted in a greater amount of materials recycled.