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2014 Montgomery County Recycling Achievement Recognition

Recycler of the Year

Multi-Family Recycling Achievement Awards

Business Recycling Achievement Awards

Recycler of the Year - 2014

Awarded to individuals who significantly increased recycling awareness and motivated others in the community to maximize their recycling, composting, grasscycling, waste reduction and buying recycled efforts

Special Recognition

  1. Alexander Chi

    Currently in 7th grade, Alexander had a busy 2013 assisting DSWS staff during various recycling outreach events.  Alexander contributed an outstanding 29.25 hours of effort providing recycling awareness and education to residents during this time. Alexander became a recycling volunteer in 2012 when he was in 6th grade and has since contributed 48.25 hours of his time to the recycling volunteer program.

  2. Jeannie Chi

    Jeannie volunteered alongside her son Alexander during 11 recycling outreach and education events contributing over 27 hours of her time during 2013. Jeannie's enthusiasm for recycling goes without saying as she is usually one of the first volunteers to sign up for an event. She is a role model to fellow volunteers and her commitment to our recycling volunteer program is greatly appreciated. Jeannie joined the recycling volunteer program in 2012 and has since volunteered over 46 hours of her time.

  3. David Godoy

    In October of 2013, Mr. Godoy joined the DSWS Recycling Volunteer program.  Despite having a very busy schedule because he is involved in so many extracurricular activities, David still finds time to share his enthusiasm for the environment by talking with people about the importance of recycling alongside DSWS staff during multiple outreach events.

  4. Lincoln Hallen

    Linc Hallen is being recognized for his leadership role in providing composting and grasscycling workshops to help educate Montgomery County residents how to start composting in their own backyard. Veteran recycling volunteer and Master Composter, Linc is also an active Neighborhood Outreach volunteer.  Linc continues to be a great asset to the recycling volunteer program and we look forward to his continued leadership and dedication.

  5. Pershawn Hamidi

    In 2013, Pershawn volunteered for a total of seven recycling outreach events and contributed 28 hours to support the recycling volunteer program.  He is a very committed and responsible young man and is always willing to help fellow volunteers and staff without being asked. Pershawn became a recycling volunteer in 2012 when he was in 6th grade and has since contributed over 48 hours of his time.

  6. Donovan Irwin

    Donovan became a recycling volunteer in July of 2013 and by the end of the year he contributed 23 hours of recycling education and outreach. Donovan, who is in the 7th grade, assisted DSWS staff by participating in multiple outreach events, which included multiple shifts at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.  Donovan is a great help and asset to the Recycling Volunteer program and we look forward in continuing to work with him.

  7. Derek Lam

    Joining the recycling volunteer program in August of 2013 Derek Lam provided 249 hours assisting the DSWS with various office projects.  No matter the task, he is always reliable, flexible and willing to help without hesitation.  He was instrumental in designing and preparing displays and signs used during several outreach events and assisted in the design and development of the Powerpoint presentation used during the DSWS Annual Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition Ceremony.  Derek also served as an inspiration to students during the Montgomery College Volunteer Fair where he helped to recruit 15 new recycling volunteer applicants.

  8. Paolo Nardone

    In 2013 Paolo volunteered in 20 recycling outreach events providing a commendable 66.5 hours of assistance to the recycling volunteer program. Paolo's confidence and ease in communicating with people of all ages is admired by all who have worked with him.  Paolo joined the recycling volunteer program in 2012 when he was in 6th grade and has since contributed just over 141 hours of volunteer service. His enthusiasm and commitment to educate and promote recycling in Montgomery County is truly remarkable.

  9. Benjamin Pham

    Ben, who is in 7th grade, became a recycling volunteer in July of 2013 and within just a four month period he provided 22.5 hours of assistance to the recycling volunteer program.  Ben participated in various outreach events which included multiple volunteer shifts during the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, Damascus Community Fair and the Montgomery County Home Show and Expo.

  10. Lily Pham

    Lily became a recycling volunteer in July of 2013 and within a four month period provided 22.5 hours of assistance to the recycling volunteer program.  Lily volunteered alongside her brother Ben during the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, Damascus Community Fair, and the Montgomery County Home Show and Expo. Recently, Lily together with her brother Ben proudly represented Montgomery County by carrying the Montgomery County Recycling Banner during the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Multi-Family Recycling Achievement Awards

Excellence in Recycling

Awarded to multi-family properties that demonstrated excellence in their recycling efforts during the past year that resulted in the property recycling 70 percent or more of their waste stream

  1. 1200 East West

    1200 East West in Silver Spring had another excellent year, recycling 84 percent of its waste in 2013, exceeding its previous high-mark of 68 percent in 2012. Contributing to 1200 East West's success are its recycling of fluorescent light bulbs and toner and printer cartridges and its efforts to limit its paper use and hosting of clothing drives as ways to reduce waste.

  2. The Bennington at Silver Spring

    The Bennington at Silver Spring is always one of the leading recyclers in the Montgomery County multi-family sector, and continued this tradition in 2013 by recycling 80 percent or all waste generated. The Bennington staff has worked with County staff on several projects in the past, and Property Manager Susan Bawer recently gave a presentation on her first-hand experiences at a TRRAC Multi-family recycling education seminar.

  3. Churchill Senior Living

    Churchill Senior Living in Germantown recycled 85 percent of its waste in 2013, making this the 5th consecutive year in which it has recycled more than 50 percent of its waste. The Churchill staff is very proactive, and continually looks for ways to improve its recycling program.

  4. The Colonnade Community Association

    The Colonnade at Kentlands in Gaithersburg recycled 72 percent of its waste in 2013. It achieved this outstanding rate by dramatically increasing its mixed paper and commingled recycling containers capacity and adding a third weekly collection day and regularly reminding it residents about what and how to recycle via its newsletter.

  5. The Forum Condominium

    In the past few years, The Forum Condominium’s Green Team and management have made a concerted effort to increase significantly its recycling rate. These efforts included increasing recycling capacity, ensuring that all required materials are recycled, and educating its residents on the dos and don'ts of recycling. These efforts have paid off, increasing The Forum Condominium’s recycling rate from 37 percent in 2011 to 70 percent in 2013.

  6. Victory Terrace

    Victory Terrace in Potomac continued its outstanding recycling performance in 2013 by recycling 77 percent of its waste. Victory Terrace makes special efforts to educate its residents conducting recycling information seminars in Spanish and offering floor-by-floor refresher seminars to residents. It also makes waste reduction a major part of its program holding yard sales and holiday sales, encouraging the donation of used items, reusing paper, and providing reusable mugs for office and resident functions.

Outstanding Efforts in Recycling (Multi-Family)

Awarded to multi-family properties, property management companies, and resident recycling committees that established and/or contributed to excellent recycling or waste reduction efforts

  1. The Blairs

    The Blairs properties have two full-time staff members dedicated to its Lifestyles Program, which includes its green initiatives that focus on promoting waste reduction and recycling. Waste reduction and recycling activities at The Blairs, in Silver Spring, include clothing donations, CFL and battery recycling, paper shredding, book swaps, and a food scrap composting pilot program that recently surpassed the 10,000 pounds recycled benchmark.

  2. City Commons of Bethesda Condominium

    City Commons of Bethesda in Bethesda recycled 29 percent of its waste in 2013—nearly doubling its recycling rate since 2010. Its recycling program is extremely well-run and maintained with next to no trash contamination in its recyclables.

  3. Mallard Cove Condominium Association

    Mallard Cove Condominium in Olney recycled 64 percent of its waste in 2013, and has maintained a recycling rate of 50 percent or greater for the past 5 years. Property management staff uses the community newsletter, broadcasts, and notices to educate and remind residents about the County recycling requirements and its recycling program.

  4. Riderwood Village

    Riderwood Village's comprehensive waste reduction and recycling program continued its outstanding performance in by recycling 61 percent of its waste. Its program includes waste reduction practices such as utilizing green cleaning products and techniques, expanding its recycling program to include more than a dozen additional categories of recyclables (including the recycling of more than 643,000 pounds of food scraps), hosting monthly recycling education events for residents in its dining rooms, and educating and reminding staff about recycling issues at monthly meeting.

  5. Riviera of Chevy Chase

    The Riviera of Chevy Chase's 59 percent recycling rate in 2013 represents the sixth year in a row that this property has reached or exceeded this outstanding level of recycling. To maintain this high level of success, management relies upon resident "Floor Watchers" to monitor recycling and immediately report any issues or problems. Riviera staff educates new residents on the Riviera's recycling program and provide constant reminders through frequent notices. Residents are encouraged to ask questions when they have questions and seek assistance if they help with their recycling.

  6. Temple Housing

    Temple Housing in Kensington doubled its cardboard recycling capacity and made recycling mandatory for its residents. Temple Housing’s staff recognized its lack of mixed paper and cardboard capacity, and work with their County Recycling Education Specialist to quickly alleviate this issue. Since 2005, Temple Housing has more than tripled its recycling rate to 49 percent in 2013.

  7. University Gardens I & II

    The staff and residents at University Gardens I & II in Silver Spring have made a concerted effort to expand and improve their recycling program, and these efforts have paid off! Increasing recycling container capacity, properly labeling, and hosting education events for its residents yielded a 51.4 percent recycling rate in 2013. A remarkable achievement considering its recycling rate was only 4 percent in 2008.

  8. The Villages at Decoverly

    The Villages of Decoverly in Rockville continued to build upon the past successes of its exceptional recycling program, and recycled 63 percent of its waste in 2013. Residents have easy access to innovative recycling containers, which are always well maintained and clearly labeled with custom signage developed by property staff.

  9. The Waterford Condominium

    The Waterford Condominium’s recycling program is driven by its Green Team Committee, which is committed to educating its residents about recycling and green energy opportunities. The Waterford formed a partnership with neighboring Einstein High School whereby students with special needs assist with the collection of recyclable materials and the shredding of confidential papers for their residents.

Recycling Achievement - Multi-Family Resident

Awarded to multi-family residents that made significant contributions to improving the recycling and/or waste reduction efforts of their property

  1. Resident Name: Masoud Asgharinia

    Mr. Masoud Asgharinia voluntarily monitors the recycling efforts at Timberlawn Crescent Apartments, where he voluntarily monitors all of the recycling and trash collection enclosures, ensuring that recycling containers are not contaminated with trash and that all recyclable items are placed in the appropriate recycling containers. He also ensures that there is no trash or litter on the property grounds. Thank you for your efforts.

Recycling Achievement - Multi-Family Property Staff

Awarded to multi-family property staff that made significant improvements to their property's recycling programs

  1. Staff Name: Gail Curtis

    Ms. Gail Curtis is proactive in ensuring that her residents have copies of the most updated recycling information and regularly schedules recycling education presentations for her residents. Ms. Curtis takes prompt action to improve the recycling program at Aspenwood Senior Living Community in Silver Spring and has a very positive attitude about recycling!

  2. Staff Name: Myriam Lemmerman

    Ms. Myriam Lemmerman constantly promotes the recycling program at the Oaks at Four Corners in Silver Spring and ensures that the Montgomery County Educational Specialists visit at least twice a year to educate her residents and make sure that they are up to date with the latest recycling and waste reduction requirements. She maintains regular communication with County Recycling Education Specialists, constantly looking for ways to improve the recycling program at The Oaks at Four Corners.

  3. Staff Name: Sara Peter

    Ms. Sara Peter has been an outstanding advocate for recycling for several years, beginning at her previous property, The Rothbury, and continuing today at the Eaves Rockville. To keep the Eaves Rockville clean and ensure residents are recycling properly, she started fining residents who left trash on ground or were recycling improperly. As a result, the Eaves Rockville’s collection areas are always neat and well maintained.

  4. Staff Name: Vivian Stevens

    Ms. Vivian Stevens is the Assistant Property Manager and head of the Kentlands Manor Green Team. As Green Team leader, she has improved recycling signage at collection areas, distributes Montgomery County educational recycling materials with move-in packets, schedules and coordinates recycling presentations and events, and provides reusable mugs to residents to use at the lobby coffee station.

Business Recycling Achievement Awards

Excellence in Recycling

Awarded to businesses and organizations that recycled 70 percent or more of their waste stream in 2013

  1. 8757 Georgia Avenue -  WPC Management, LLC

    In 2013 tenants at 8757 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring recycled 72 percent of their waste. Washington Property Company has been instrumental in getting tenants to recycle: they provide recycling information in their move-in packages and send constant reminders on recycling procedures.

  2. Pepco

    Pepco in Rockville recycled 93 percent of their waste stream in 2013. Pepco has worked with both employees and contractors to make sure all materials such as yard waste and tree trimmings are properly recycled.

  3. Sandy Spring Friends School

    Through a combination of recycling and waste reduction efforts, the Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring recycled 85 percent of their waste in 2013. Their success has been achieved by implementing simple ideas such as maintaining electronic files, printing on both sides of paper, composting, and maximizing their recycling efforts.

  4. Sanofi Pasteur Biologics, LLC

    Sanofi Pasteur Biologics, LLC located in Rockville recycled 95 percent of their waste in 2013. Their efforts include an annual training for employees regarding waste management programs for the site, including waste reduction and recycling. In addition, the company has a weekly communication bulletin that regularly features environmental topics.

Outstanding Achievement - Business

Awarded to businesses or individuals for their outstanding efforts in implementing or improving their recycling, waste reduction or buying recycled programs and educational efforts

  1. 2 Bethesda Metro Center

    Tenant outreach is a key component of 2 Bethesda Metro Center’s recycling efforts. Building management for this Bethesda property hosted two recycling seminars and four electronics recycling collection events in 2013 and is currently working closely with their janitorial services vendor to monitor and improve recycling performance by their tenants.

  2. 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard

    At 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard in Rockville, tenants have clearly-labeled recycling containers in key areas. There are paper recycling containers in the copy rooms and at each desk and clearly labeled commingled recycling containers in the kitchen areas. In order to avoid contamination, building engineers work with tenants and cleaning staff to ensure that the correct items are placed in the appropriate containers.

  3. 7200 Wisconsin Avenue

    Both tenants and management at 7200 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda have increased their commitment to recycling.  Tenants are encouraged to adopt waste reduction strategies and recycle as much material as possible, including recycling batteries, scrap metal and electronics.

  4. The Ambassador

    The management at the Ambassador Building in Wheaton has made sure the tenants are educated about recycling. Each tenant makes sure all the cardboard is broken down and in the correct container. Management evaluates the waste and recycling receptacles to make sure there is enough capacity for the building and make changes when necessary.

  5. Ashton Manor Environmental

    Ashton Manor Environmental in Ashton maintains a very high recycling rate by recycling yard trim, mixed paper and commingled materials. Additionally, staff reduces the amount of waste generated by using reusable mugs rather than single-use paper or plastic cups.

  6. Bethesda Crescent

    At Bethesda Crescent in Bethesda, management provides tenants with collection containers and reminds them to recycle via the weekly newsletter as well as through tenant meetings with Montgomery County recycling program staff. Management regularly attends SORRT seminars and hold e-cycling days twice a year for their tenants.

  7. Bethesda Crossing

    In 2013, MRP Realty took over management of Bethesda Crossing in Bethesda and immediately requested assistance to improve the property’s recycling program. Staff members from the SORRT Program have been invited to speak at nearly all of their tenant meetings and have had the opportunity to set-up educational recycling information tables numerous times throughout their complex.

  8. Canon U.S. Life Sciences, Inc.

    In 2013, Canon U.S. Life Sciences in Rockville established a Green Team in order to improve recycling and sustainability efforts at their office.  They arranged for meetings with County recycling program staff to discuss current recycling efforts and necessary improvements, and implemented a comprehensive recycling program throughout their office.

  9. Churchill Executive Park Condominium

    A year ago, Churchill Executive Park in Damascus made sweeping changes to their recycling efforts and achieved compliance in a short amount of time. As a result, tenants now have multiple locations to recycle and have clear customized signage to direct them to recycling and trash collection areas on-site.

  10. Colonial Shell and Food Mart

    The Colonial Shell and Food Mart in Silver Spring has been a leader in maintaining their recycling program for customers. Employees do a good job in checking the bins for contamination and recycling containers are conveniently located at the gas pump which provides an additional opportunity for the customers to recycle. Their automotive service technicians make sure the cardboard and motor oil are recycled as well.

  11. Columbia Country Club

    Columbia Country Club has successfully integrated recycling of commingled materials and mixed paper into their operations by placing recycling containers in every office. The management team reviews recycling requirements during staff meetings and are always look for ways to improve their recycling efforts.

  12. Dodson’s Shell

    In the past year, the County has worked to ensure that all gas stations located in the County are providing customers with accessible recycling options near the pumps. Dodson’s Shell, located in Rockville, is a leader in this effort, maintaining a quality recycling program for their customers and staff.  The service station also works to recycle other items such as tires.

  13. Evergreen Montessori School

    In 2013, the Evergreen School in Wheaton agreed to be part of the Division of Solid Waste Services’ Partners in Recycling Program. As a mentee, the school agreed to improve their recycling program by contracting recycling collection services for commingled materials and improve recycling of their mixed paper items. A year later, the Evergreen School has added commingled materials recycling to their program and continually educates staff and students about recycling do’s and don’ts. Keep up your efforts!

  14. La Palapa 3

    La Palapa 3 in Silver Spring added commingled materials to their existing mixed paper recycling program.  Now, La Palapa 3 is capturing a significant amount of recyclable bottles and cans generated by their bar operations.

  15. Montgomery County Pre-Release and Reentry Services

    The staff at the Montgomery County Pre-Release and Reentry Services in Rockville has designed and sustained a model recycling program. The program not only focuses on the administrative area of the facility but includes the resident population as well. They are just as involved in the recycling program as the staff. On the electronic board, everyone is reminded of recycling tips. The facility uses its compost for a vegetable garden and they continuously look for new ways to reduce their waste.

  16. Moti’s Market

    The employees at Moti’s Market in Rockville take recycling seriously and have added additional internal recycling containers, making it easier for staff to recycle. Staff is educated about the recycling requirements which make their recycling program run smoothly.

  17. Potomac Promenade

    In 2013, CBRE Asset Services installed recycling containers in areas of Potomac Promenade Shopping Center in Potomac where foot traffic is high and where trash containers were located. Patrons at the shopping center now have the opportunity to recycle which has translated into a high level of participation and low contamination.

  18. Rodman’s Discount Drugs

    Rodman’s, in Silver Spring, has a team of great employees who are committed to recycling. Each team member makes sure all cardboard is broken down and the proper material is placed in the appropriate container. They take pride in keeping their enclosure area clean and free from material on the ground.

  19. Roots Market Olney

    Roots Market in Olney has a recycling program that is highly visible for all customers and staff. Each cash register its own recycling bins for receipts, and customers have the opportunity to recycle mixed paper, commingled materials, wine corks and plastic bags in other parts of the store.   Roots Market takes sustainability seriously, as is evident in their recycling program.

  20. Sidwell Friends Lower School

    The management team at Sidwell Friends Lower School in Bethesda continuously reminds students, faculty, and staff about how important it is to follow proper recycling protocols every day. The school also recently implemented a food scrap recycling program and they have already received some of the finished compost as a result of their efforts.

  21. Tanterra Pool

    Without realizing that it was County regulation to recycle mixed paper and commingled materials generated at pools and to have recycling bins available for customers to use, Tanterra Pool in Brookeville had already proactively set up recycling containers and was contracting for recycling collection service.  Their initiative and commitment to recycling makes them a good example for other community pools to follow.

  22. Temple Beth Ami Nursery School

    Temple Beth Ami Nursery School in Rockville makes recycling education a priority for its students. Each year, the pre-school teachers invite County recycling program staff to give a presentation on the do’s and don’ts of recycling for the students. Each school year, our staff is surprised to see how knowledgeable the children already are on the topic of recycling!  The school has recycling bins in all of the rooms, and teachers stay informed as to what should be placed in the recycling bins.

  23. The Tower Building

    The management of the Tower Building in Rockville provides tenants with recycling containers for recyclable materials and encourages tenants to actively participate in their recycling program. The property management team also offers tenants the opportunity to recycle old electronics by holding four electronic recycling collection events each year.

  24. Washington Property Company

    Washington Property Company in Bethesda has made recycling a part of their regular operations. They provide all new tenants with recycling information and desk-side recycling containers for their offices. They have instituted ongoing training for their janitorial staff as well as recycling seminars for their tenants.

  25. Washington Waldorf School

    At the Washington Waldorf School in Bethesda, recycling containers are located in the hallways, and each classroom or office has individual paper recycling containers. Students take an active role in emptying these classroom containers into the paper dumpster. Through a yearly school assembly, teachers stress the importance of recycling at school, in public places, and at home.

Outstanding Achievement – Individual

  1. Steve Anderson

    In 2013, Mr. Steve Anderson of Micro Focus took a personal initiative to improve his workplace recycling program.  He worked closely with the building’s cleaning staff to identify best practices for increased recycling and as a result, recycling bins are now conveniently placed throughout their facility, making employee participation easy.

  2. Emily Bennett

    Ms. Emily Bennett is committed to recycling. As part of the management team at 2 Bethesda Metro Center in Bethesda, she identified and established protocols to improve recycling throughout the building and is always looking for new ways to increase recycling participation.

  3. Steven F. Boyko

    Mr. Steven Boyko is the property manager for 1738 Elton Road in Silver Spring.  He takes full ownership over the recycling program and puts great effort into ensuring tenants have everything they need to recycle.  He even transports some of the recyclable materials himself to ensure the materials are recycled.

  4. Chris Brown

    As the property manager for Plaza del Mercado Shopping Center in Silver Spring, Mr. Chris Brown has done an amazing job to make sure his tenants have the proper recycling receptacles in place.  He maintains the cleanliness of the shopping center and educates his tenants so they are familiar with the shopping center’s recycling program.

  5. Patricia Cuff

    Ms. Patricia Cuff, a parishioner at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Gaithersburg worked with fellow parishioner, Mr. Ed Mitchell to revamp the recycling efforts at the church. Together with Mr. Mitchell, Ms. Cuff labeled and placed recycling containers around the church property and has educated parishioners about their revamped recycling initiative.

  6. Kristen Dean

    Ms. Kristen Dean has been instrumental in the improvement of the recycling program at 121 Congressional Lane in Rockville by educating both the tenants and their janitorial services contractor about their recycling program. Property staff also regularly monitors their exterior collection areas to make sure they are kept clean.

  7. Tennyson Edwards

    As a manager at the White Oak Sears in Silver Spring, Mr. Tennyson Edwards believes in the importance of recycling.  He has placed recycling containers throughout his store, not just for staff members, but also for customers to participate in the store’s recycling program.  Mr. Edwards is enthusiastic about the store’s recycling program, and strives to make sure it is running well.

  8. Brian Kempe

    Mr. Brian Kempe of Burnt Mills Sonoco in Silver Spring is devoted to recycling. As a result of a significant amount of contamination found in the recycling containers used by his customers, Mr. Kempe rearranged the station’s recycling containers so that they can be better monitored by staff, ensuring a greater amount of recyclable materials are removed from the waste stream.

  9. Wilson Khandagle

    Mr. Wilson Khandagle is the building engineer at 6930 Carroll Avenue where he is well-loved by the tenants.  His good cheer and enthusiasm are assets to the building’s recycling program as he ensures that the recycling needs of his tenants are quickly attended to and satisfied.

  10. Ed Mitchell

    As a parishioner of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, Mr. Ed Mitchell, along with fellow parishioner Ms. Patricia Cuff, worked to improve the recycling program at their church. He conducted a walk-through of the property and determined locations where to place recycling containers to increase participation and assisted with educating parishioners about the new recycling efforts.

  11. Ed O ‘Malley

    Mr. O’Malley maintains an excellent recycling program for Wabtec Railway Electronics. He’s worked with management to purchase new recycling containers for the building. These new containers are color coded and well labeled for use. Mr. O’Malley does a great job at managing the recycling of various voluntary recyclables such as electronics, pallets, and motor oil as well.

  12. Shirley Dianne Reed

    Ms. Shirley Dianne Reed personally spearheaded efforts to improve the recycling program at the Takoma Park Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  She conducted a thorough walk-through of the property and established a comprehensive recycling plan, and even recruited their pastor to motivate others to participate in their efforts.

  13. Kerry Robinson

    Mr. Kerry Robinson has made great strides to increase recycling at Meso-Scale Diagnostics, LLC in Rockville. Through education, the employees in the warehouse area are now much more efficient at placing recyclable materials in the proper containers. Mr. Robinson has also placed educational posters and labels around the building to promote recycling to all employees.

  14. Brian E. Rumburg

    Mr. Brian Rumburg is the Engineer for White Flint Professional Office Building. Since his arrival, new exterior recycling containers as well as recycling bins for each office have been provided. He monitors the use of the recycling containers and ensures the containers are emptied to prevent overflow.

  15. Amy Truong-Ho

    Ms. Truong-Ho takes special interest in the recycling programs at the buildings she manages. She provides recycling containers and education to her tenants. She also holds lobby recycling education events and encourages her tenants to stop by and get their recycling questions answered.

  16. Karen Tyler

    Ms. Karen Tyler’s dedication to recycling and waste reduction is remarkable.  After speaking with each tenant and re-negotiating collection service with their recycling and waste collection service provider, she was able to get her tenants to share containers instead of having individual ones – saving both space and money.

Partners in Recycling Recognition Program

Awarded to businesses in recognition for their support to increase recycling in Montgomery County by mentoring other businesses and helping them improve their recycling efforts

  1. Bullis School

    The Bullis School served as a mentor for the Georgetown Preparatory School. As part of their mentor agreement, the Bullis School helped Georgetown Prep develop a written recycling, waste reduction, and sustainability plan that included a recycling mission and long-term goals.

  2. Discovery Communications

    As the mentor for the Gazette Newspaper, Discovery Communications helped the Gazette analyze their annual recycling report to identify areas of improvement. As a result, the Gazette established additional recycling containers and signage to improve their recycling efforts.

  3. Family & Nursing Care

    Family & Nursing Care served as a mentor for DANAC Corporation. As a result of this agreement, DANAC improved recycling labeling and signage at their headquarters.  DANAC also implemented double-sided printing and is currently developing a recycling welcome packet for all new tenants and employees.

  4. The Nora School

    As the mentor for the National Children’s Center, the Nora School provided the National Children’s Center information to request additional educational materials from the County, put them in touch with County staff to arrange for a recycling presentation and helped them develop a more structured recycling program.

  5. Norwood School

    The Norwood School served as a mentor for the Evergreen School. As part of their mentor agreement, the Evergreen School contracted commingled recycling services and is currently pursuing information on food scrap recycling. The Evergreen school will continue to implement a “no waste” lunch policy to promote waste reduction and is developing a detailed recycling and waste reduction plan with future goals for recycling promotion and implementation.