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Seneca Whetstone Stormwater Pond Upgrades


As part of the County's effort to protect our waters, the Seneca Whetstone stormwater ponds were selected for upgrades, to help reduce stormwater pollution draining into our streams. Retrofit design for ponds 10826 and 10886 (see map below) is currently in progress.  A determination is being made on whether a restoration project will take place at this time for pond 10846 (located west of Game Preserve Road and Gatlin Drive).

A public meeting was held during the concept stage of the design process for residents to learn about the project and to provide input on the design.  The County has also been in contact with the HOA board. 




10826 - Pond
  • Site Status: In Design

  • Site Drainage Area: 10.62 Ac

  • Site Impervious Area: 3.37 Ac

  • Percent Impervious: 32%

10886 - Pond
  • Site Status: In Design

  • Site Drainage Area: 9.40 Ac

  • Site Impervious Area: 1.93 Ac

  • Percent Impervious: 21%


Pond map for Seneca Whetstone Ponds 10826 and 10886
To download, click (PDF, 289KB) .


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