As part of a comprehensive rebranding effort, our department is officially taking on a new name, Alcohol Beverage Services. This change signals the significant advancements we have worked so hard to accomplish. Over the past two years, we’ve brought in new management, invested in technology and infrastructure, streamlined and updated processes, and elevated customer service, marketing and communication efforts. While the new name signifies change, it also works to better describe what we do. The inclusion of “alcohol beverage” better communicates that in addition to liquor, beer and wine are sold in our wholesale and retail operations. In addition, using “services” in lieu of “control” is intended to emphasize the customer service-oriented relationships we have worked hard to build. The rebranding effort also includes the tagline, a business of Montgomery County Government.

  • The state of Maryland has approved our name change from Department of Liquor Control to Alcohol Beverage Services, with the change officially going into effect on July 1, 2019.
  • While our full name is Alcohol Beverage Services, please use ABS (pronounced by the letter, A-B-S) when abbreviating the name.
  • The County's 25 retail stores will retain their current name for the time being (Montgomery County Liquor & Wine). There will be a separate rebranding effort to rename and redesign these stores.

The effort to rebrand is filled with exciting opportunities and allows us to take another step toward elevating the image we present to our stakeholders, customers, and employees; and, this change sets the tone for our continued success.

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