Board of Appeals - 2010 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
12/16/2010 Norwood High School, Inc S-285-E
12/09/2010 Suburban Hospital S-274-D
12/08/2010 Rebeca Limited Partnership S-2772
12/08/2010 Dayhill, LLC S-2710
11/17/2010 TJW Dogs of Silver Spring, LLC S-2769
11/17/2010 Darnestown Development, LLC T/A Goddard School S-2759
09/16/2010 Korean Community Senior Housing S-1424-A
09/08/2010 Olivia Azat S-2767
09/08/2010 Richard L. and Florence S. Hoff S-2765
07/21/2010 Xing Liu, Lan Chen and Vincent Liu S-2768
05/05/2010 Vincent Lufsey S-2749
04/21/2010 Victory Oaks, Inc. S-2751
3/18/2010 Jane R. Fenton S-2757
3/18/2010 Malcolm R. Poulin amp; Rosalind M. Flynn S-2754
03/17/2010 John and Inessa Love S-2763
3/12/2010 Steven Geiger A-6186
03/10/2010 Michael and Rene Shihadi S-2758
03/10/2010 Gokaldas C. and Josephine A. Parikh S-2756
2/26/2010 Theresa and Dale Rickman A-6308
2/25/2010 Joseph Russ A-6086
02/24/2010 Diamond Veterinary Hospital S-2752
2/5/2010 Frank and Margaret Sandoval A-6304
2/5/2010 Robert Benton A-6305
1/29/2010 Montgomery General Hospital CBA-2521-J
1/29/2010 West Montgomery Citizens Association and C. O. North A-6287
1/15/2010 Robert C. Wilkoff A-6307
1/7/2010 Patricia A. Holtz S-2755
1/7/2010 Debrah Vollmer A-6292
1/7/2010 Our House, Inc S-717-B