Board of Appeals - 2014 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
01/31/2014 James P. Golden A-6425
02/10/2014 Brian Mattes A-6423
02/12/2014 Harvey and Salma Sweetbaum A-6422
02/19/2014 Iris Bennett A-6421
02/21/2014 Cathryn S. Wolf A-6424
03/24/2014 Peter M. Fleck A-6427
03/27/2014 Scott A. Wallace A-6428
04/10/2014 Osama Farrag and Abir Fareed A-6429
05/05/2014 The Heights School A-6430
05/16/2014 Raymond S. and Beth G. Wittig A-6426
05/22/2014 Barbara A. Curtis A-6432
06/23/2014 William Harvey A-6433
06/23/2014 Alexander and Catherine Okuliar A-6434
07/11/2014 Raghu Babu A-6435
07/15/2014 Lawrence H. Musser A-6436
08/21/2014 Mikhail Lukavski A-6437
10/17/2014 John B. and Mary B.Smith A-6440
10/17/2014 Grace E. Miazza A-6441
10/21/2014 4609 Glenbrook Parkway, LLC A-6438
10/22/2014 Robert Pacano [d/b/a Woodstone Group, LLC] S-2761
11/21/2014 Christina Pearson and Adam Horvath A-6443
12/05/2014 Paul N. Chod A-6439
12/08/2014 Robert Williams, Jr. A-6444