Board of Appeals - 2019 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
1/17/19 Mark W. Abbott and Demetra Aposporos A-6582
1/25/19 Manijeh Vedadi A-6595
2/06/19 Andrea Pearson A-6597
2/13/19 Noila and Wade Sorenson A-6598
2/13/19 Richard McKenzie A-6599
1/23/19 Paul Baines A-6600
2/27/19 Melissa Gagnier-Solis and Luis Solis A-6602
2/27/19 Frank Salvas, Sr. A-6603
2/28/19 JDB Investment Group LLC A-6604
3/21/19 Emily Volz A-6606
3/28/19 Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart A-6605
4/17/19 John Yamikeh and Olivia Kitcher-Yamikeh A-6608
4/17/19 Amber Zaino and Thomas Jager A-6609
4/18/19 Robin Katcher A-6607
5/8/19 Lisa Ye A-6611
5/9/19 Richard P. Stifel, Jr. and Linda Stifel A-6610
5/14/19 Barry Naft A-6601
5/15/19 David King and Rosaleen Doerfler-King A-6613
5/22/19 Matthew and Andrea Wells A-6614
5/29/19 Seth Belford and Alissa Peltzman A-6615
6/3/19 Jon Eising A-6616
6/5/19 Cathy Sarri and Antulio Tobar A-6617
6/6/19 Robin Rice A-6618
6/18/19 Shane C. Hickey A-6612
6/19/19 Adriaan Carter A-6620
6/20/19 Gabriel and Sara Solomon A-6619
6/26/19 Lowell and Samantha Frank A-6621
7/19/19 James and Mary Loreto A-6623
7/24/19 Julia Hawley A-6627
7/25/19 Michele Carroll A-6626
7/31/19 Rulon Mayer and Heather Chen-Mayer A-6625
9/25/19 FM Group Inc., d/b/a Franscisco Landscaping CU 19-04 and A-6575
10/02/19 James McWhorter and Yasmin Abadian A-6632
10/17/19 Hung Ngoc Nguyen A-6630
10/31/19 Nina and Emil Ashford A-6633
10/31/19 Daniel and Cheniece Kelleher A-6635
11/5/19 Alex W. Kuzemka A-6634
11/13/19 1784 Capital Holdings, LLC CU 19-03
11/21/19 Joseph R. Poulas and Kristen Lejnieks A-6636
11/21/19 Alan Quillian and Erik Sass A-6637
11/26/19 Joan Marsh A-6640
12/05/19 Manuela Ioanid A-6639
12/19/19 Stephanie Ortiz A-6641
12/19/19 Linda Powers A-6644
12/20/19 Laurie russell and Frank Solomon A-6638