Board of Appeals - 2020 Opinions

Opinion Date Petitioner/s Case No.
1/09/20 Alexis Feringa and Richard B. Johnson A-6643
1/16/20 Jennifer Scupi and Adam Witwer A-6629
1/16/20 Amy Ross and Robert Wilkoff A-6585
1/23/20 Johannes, Kerstin, And Elena Staguhn et al. A-6624
1/30/20 FM Group Inc., d/b/a Francisco Landscaping CU 19-04 & A-6575
2/3/20 Elizabeth Burton, et al A-6642
2/06/20 Benjamin and Monica Bond-Lamberty A-6645
2/21/20 Daniel Gubits A-6646
3/18/20 Leah Arthur A-6647
4/17/20 Adrian and Janet Hatherell A-6649
4/17/20 2930 University Blvd W, LLC A-6650
5/1/20 Belinda O'Berry A-6651
5/1/20 Georgetown Preparatory School, Inc. A-6652
5/8/20 Heather and Taryn Rosner A-6648
5/28/20 Judah and Marilyn Lifschitz A-6653
5/28/20 Valdis and Inara Lazdins A-6654
6/26/20 Nathanal and Sarah Salnick A-6655
7/8/20 Alem Moges A-6656
7/15/20 Xingzhu Liu A-6658
7/17/20 John W. Cokinos A-6657
7/29/20 Richard and Pavitra Bacon A-6659
7/29/20 Victoria W. Pierce A-6660
8/14/20 Congressional Maryland Homes, LLC A-6661
9/11/20 Simon Watson and Pamela Navarro-Watson A-6662
9/16/20 Peter Baker A-6666
9/30/20 Junaid Khan A-6664
9/30/20 Kenneth Warn A-6667
10/10/20 Peter Hirsch A-6668
10/30/20 Livingston Equity Group LLC A-6670
11/18/20 David and Sharon Antony A-6671
11/18/20 John and Susan Chirichella A-6669
11/20/20 Joshua Zimmerberg and Teresa Jones A-6665
12/9/20 William Martin and Paule Audebert A-6673
12/16/20 Nishan Aghajanian A-6663
12/18/20 Chabad of Silver Spring A-6676
12/18/20 Paul Baines A-6675