Master Plans

The County Council is the final authority on land use matters. The Council's powers include approval of area master plans, functional master plans (such as the master plan for bikeways and the master plan for historic preservation), and decisions about zoning on individual parcels. The Planning, Housing & Parks (PHP) Committee makes recommendations on all of these issues to the Council.

The Montgomery County Planning Board, composed of five residents appointed by the Council and the Council's principal adviser on land use and zoning issues and makes recommendations on new or amended Master Plans to the Council. The Council has delegated some of its land use authority for detailed development to the Planning Board.

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Master Plan Detail Plan Legislative Information Status Year
Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan Update  PDF   In Progress 2023
Pedestrian Master Plan PDF   In Progress 2023
Fairland and Briggs Chaney Master Plan     In progress 2022
Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment     In progress 2022
The Great Seneca Plan: Connecting Life and Science     In progress 2022
Thrive Montgomery 2050 PDF Resolution 19-1413 Approved 2022
Silver Spring Downtown Adjacent Communities Plan PDF Resolution 19-1412 Approved and adopted 2022
Corridor Forward: I-270 Transit Functional Master Plan PDF Resolution 19-1207 Approved and adopted 2022
Ashton Village Center Sector Plan PDF Resolution 19-904 Approved and adopted 2021
Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan Amendment Phase 1 PDF Resolution 19-1053 Approved and adopted 2021
Shady Grove Minor Master Plan Amendment PDF Resolution 19-779 Approved and adopted 2021
Forest Glen / Montgomery Hills  Sector Plan PDF Resolution 19-406 Approved and adopted 2020
Germantown Plan for The Town Sector Zone PDF Resolution 19-543 Approved and adopted 2020
Veirs Mill Corridor Master Plan PDF Resolution 19-76 Approved and adopted 2019
Marc Rail Communities Plan PDF Resolution 19-84 Approved and adopted 2019
Bicycle Master Plan PDF Resolution 18-1339 Approved and adopted 2018
Highways and Transit PDF Resolution 18-1215 Approved and adopted 2018
Bethesda Downtown Plan PDF Resolution 18-835 Approved and adopted 2017
Rock Spring Sector Plan PDF Resolution 18-964 Approved and adopted 2017
White Flint Sector 2 Plan PDF Resolution 18-979 Approved and adopted 2017
Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Area Minor Master Plan PDF Resolution 18-978 Approved and adopted 2017
Energized Public Spaces Functional Master Plan PDF Resolution 18-1036 Approved and adopted 2017
Greater Lyttonsville Sector Plan PDF Resolution 18-757 Approved and adopted 2017
Montgomery Village Master Plan PDF Resolution 18-398 Approved and adopted 2016
Westbard Sector Plan PDF Resolution 18-471 Approved and adopted 2016
Sandy Spring Rural Village Plan PDF Resolution 18-193 Approved and adopted 2015
Aspen Hill Minor Master Plan Amendment PDF Resolution 18-104 Approved and adopted 2015
Bethesda Purple Line Station Minor Master Plan Amendment PDF Resolution 17-1007 Approved and adopted 2014
Clarksburg Ten Mile Creek Limited Amendment PDF Resolution 17-1048 Approved and adopted 2014
White Oak Science  Gateway PDF Resolution 17-1204 Approved and adopted 2014
Chevy Chase Lake Master Plan PDF Resolution 17-857 Approved and adopted 2013
Long Branch Sector Plan PDF Resolution 17-946 Approved and adopted 2013
Glenmont Sector Plan PDF Resolution 17-932 Approved and adopted 2013
Takoma/Langley Crossroad Sector Plan PDF Resolution 17-402 Approved and adopted 2012
Kensington Sector Plan PDF Resolution 17-371 Approved and adopted 2012
Wheaton Central Business District and Vicinity Sector Plan PDF Resolution 17-313 Approved and adopted 2012
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