Collect Energy Data

You will need whole-building energy data from all energy meters supplying the building in order to benchmark properly in Portfolio Manager. This includes both common area and tenant meters. There are two ways to obtain your energy data:

Gather your utility bills

  • If you are the account holder of all your meters and all your energy data is available to you, you can collect your bills for manual input. (Portfolio Manager also provides spreadsheet upload options to easily upload one meter or multiple meters at the same time.)
  • If you have tenants, you can request that they share/send their energy data to you for the purposes of benchmarking. Or, read below for information on requesting aggregated data from your utility/utilities.

Request data from your utility/utilities

If you have multiple meters in your building, it is possible to request whole building, aggregate data from your utilities for benchmarking purposes. This service is most beneficial to building owners of buildings with 5 or more meters, particularly where tenants pay the utility bills.

  • If you have 5 or more meters, you can request whole building/aggregate data without tenant authorization.
  • If you have 4 or fewer meters, you can request data from your utility but must obtain authorization from tenants to obtain their energy data. Building owners will need to receive authorization from each tenant, which are available on each utility's energy benchmarking pages below.

Utility-Specific Information

  • Pepco customers can find information on getting their Pepco data at Pepco Energy Benchmarking. If you previously enrolled in whole-building data aggregation through Pepco’s Resource Advisor website, you must re-enroll in Pepco’s new Energy Usage Data System (EUDS) to set up electricity data aggregation and re-sync this feed to Portfolio Manager to continue to access whole-building electricity data. Expect a 3-4 week turnaround time. The basic steps are outlined here:
    • ‚ÄčTo request data, email the Energy Usage Data System (EUDS enrollment form) to Pepco. The form must list all service addresses associated with the property that will be included as part of the benchmarking reporting AND at least one known account or meter number at the property, such as the house meter, to verify these addresses. 
    • Pepco will process the enrollment form send a welcome email inviting you to verify your email and create a password for the EUDS platform.
    • Once in the EUDS platform, you will create a usage request and verify your tenants. Pepco will review your request.
    • Note that requests for aggregated consumption data on buildings with four (4) or fewer individually metered accounts will require the consent of each customer ( Tenant Consent Form).
    • Once your request has been approved, you are then able to sync EUDS to Portfolio Manager so that data is automatically sent to Portfolio Manager. This syncing process will transfer the data historically and as new bills become available. 
  • Washington Gas customers can find information on getting aggregated gas bill data at  Washington Gas Energy Benchmarking. The basic steps are outlined here:
    • Set up your account at the  Washington Gas Benchmarking Portal
    • Upload a list of all gas meter numbers servicing the building. The street address of the building is not acceptable.
    • You are then able to sync your Washington Gas data to Portfolio Manager so that data is automatically sent to Portfolio Manager. This syncing process will transfer the data historically and as new bills become available. Reference the  Washington Gas user-guide (p. 9 to 19) for detailed step-by-step instructions.
  • Potomac Edison account holders can log-in to their account on the  First Energy website to retrieve their data electronically or send an  email for commercial aggregated usage data requests. The basic steps are outlined here:
    • Send an  email with a list of meter numbers servicing your property and the time period for which you are requesting data. You must send an email to request updated data each year.
    • Potomac Edison will email you back a spreadsheet containing aggregated, monthly electricity usage which you can then enter or upload into Portfolio Manager. 
  • BG&E offers information on getting electronic BGE energy data at  Automated Benchmarking.

When to Request Utility Data

For Pepco, the turnaround time for usage request approval is 3-4 weeks from the date of submission barring any data issues. If data issues are identified, Pepco will notify the user and work with the utility to get the corrected data. As such, please start early with any data requests.

Other utility providers typically complete requests within 10 business days. The wait can be longer as we approach compliance deadlines. Building owners are encouraged to request their data early.