Complete Data Verification

The Benchmarking Law requires that building owners complete a verification process the first year of compliance and every 3 years after. DEP’s How-to Guide Verification Section (Google Doc. Please give the page several seconds to direct you to this section.) provides step-by-step guidance on how to complete data verification.

Building owners must demonstrate that reported benchmarking information is verified by a "Recognized Data Verifier." Building owners can use any in-house or third-party professional who holds an active credential listed on the Acceptable Verification Credentials list. See the How-To Guide Verification Section (Google Doc. Please give the page several seconds to direct you to this section.) or a list of acceptable verification credentials.

The Recognized Data Verifier should review the Data Verification Checklist provided by Portfolio Manager (under the Reports Tab and in the top right box, here is a sample checklist). The verifier will confirm the building profile information and meter data. The required verification  does not include looking at water metrics or indoor air quality, nor does it require a site visit.

This Data Verification Checklist must be printed and signed and given to the building owner. This signed Verification Checklist does not need to be submitted to DEP, unless it is requested by DEP (DEP is authorized to request documentation). Therefore, building owners must retain the most recent signed Data Verification Checklist for at least three years.

Once verification is completed, the building owner must enter the following details about the Recognized Data Verifier in the Verification fields on the Details tab for each covered building in Portfolio Manager:

  • Period Ending Date for Year Verified and date of verification 
  • Verifier name, title, organization, phone, email, and postal code
  • The professional designation/credential held by the verifier
  • Credential identifier (ID or license number)

If you need help finding a data verifier for your submission:

  • Montgomery County Green Bank provides technical assistance to help connect building owners to qualified verifiers and can also help offset the cost of data verification.
  • Montgomery County Benchmarking Ambassadors have completed training about complying with Montgomery County's law. Most companies on this list have professional staff that can complete data verification.

Alternative Compliance Path

Alternatively, covered buildings can meet the verification requirement if the owner can demonstrate that the building has achieved the ENERGY STAR building certification for at least 6 months of the calendar year being benchmarked.

If a building owner is using this verification path for a covered building, please indicate this in the Property Notes field by stating “ENERGY STAR Certification used for verification” and the month and year certification was achieved.