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Building Design and Construction

Library Refurbishment

MCPL Refreshed

A “refresh” project is a new Capital Improvements Program (CIP) which was approved by County Council and the County Executive to allow library buildings to get significant and timely updates without having to close for the lengthy time it takes for a full renovation. The Library Refurbishment CIP funds programmatic, cosmetic, and service impact updates to two libraries every year.

Previously, library buildings were only renovated (on average) once every 25+ years. The projects to “refresh” each of the buildings are very focused and result in about 6 months of construction time.

In comparison, when the full renovations are performed, this results in libraries being closed, often for more than a year. Given the fast pace of changes we face in the provision of library services and technology developments, renovations on a 25-year cycle no longer work to keep our buildings state of the art and updated.

The specific work for each project will vary depending on the needs the Library Department has identified. Refresh work will update the environment at each library by designing enhancements at the branches are anticipated to include the following:

  • replacing carpet;
  • installing vinyl tile in meeting rooms;
  • making improvements to the children's rooms;
  • creating more efficient information and circulation desks;
  • adding electrical outlets in seating areas;
  • installing security cameras, paging systems, and ID badge card readers;
  • painting all or a portion of the interior of the buildings;
  • upgrading restrooms;
  • replacing or reupholstering furniture;
  • making ADA improvements; and
  • completing maintenance improvements, including HVAC and other mechanical systems.
  • providing LED lighting in place of existing lighting

Library Refurbishment Projects

  • Bethesda

    Quince Orchard

  • Bethesda


  • ...

    White Oak

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