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Department of General Services, Office of Special Projects

Smart Growth Initiative

An Investment Strategy for County Government Facilities, Economic Development & Affordable Housing

Smart Growth Initiative website
The County Executive has several long-range important strategic objectives. A study was performed expressly to examine the feasibility of moving and expanding existing uses to different facilities from a macro-perspective that would provide the County with better long-term solutions for public facility needs.

Smart Growth Projects


Program Objectives

This program includes relocation of facilities such as

  • Public Safety Training Academy,
  • Police Headquarters,
  • Fire-Rescue Headquarters,
  • 1st District Police Station,
  • Homeland Security, Liquor Control Warehouses,
  • Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) buses and depots,
  • MCPS food services,
  • Park and Planning Maintenance Facility,
  • the Equipment and Maintenance Operations Center,
  • Radio Shop, and
  • other leased facilities.

The study was undertaken with several objectives, including:

  • Use funds and assets wisely in a manner that provides both for the long-term and the short-term economic and fiscal health, as well as the needs of the County.
  • Leverage under-utilized County properties and planned investments to meet all needs through comprehensive planning.
  • Make decisions that take into consideration the ability to satisfy:
    1. functional needs on a long-term basis;
    2. land use relevancy;
    3. efficiencies and synergies through co-location of related uses; and
    4. the ability to achieve multiple policy objectives:
      • Invest resources that in a site or program of sites that can meet current and future needs.
      • Address needs that cannot be met at current sites.
      • Create efficiencies and synergies through campus-type settings.
  • Better land-use decisions - The County is at a crossroads where major investments are needed at public facilities that were sited decades ago. Many of these sites no longer make sense, given changes in the County.
  • Move agencies from leased properties to County-owned properties, reducing leasing costs.