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Colesville Commercial Revitalization

Responding to requests from local residents and business owners, DHCA commissioned an analysis and recommendations report in 2013 focused on key commercial areas in the Colesville Community. In particular, the report looked at the retail and business centers near the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Randolph Road, and further south on New Hampshire Avenue at the intersections with Eldrid Drive and Hollywood Avenue. The study process entailed two community meetings, the first to relay information about the analysis (Colesville Design Study Community Meeting, Sept. 2013) and the second to  gather input from community members for the recommendations (Colesville Commercial Area Design Study, Nov. 2013). The result was a Colesville-focused Façade Easement Program designed to reimburse property owners up to 50 percent for costs associated with making qualified improvements to properties including exterior building renovations, new signage, new exterior lighting, parking lot reconfiguration and/or repaving, new landscaping, pedestrian enhancements, etc. If you are a commercial property owner in the Colesville area and would like to learn more about our Façade Easement Program, please send an email to The first completed project in the Colesville Community was the exterior enhancement of 13401 New Hampshire Avenue (pictured below): 

                                            BEFORE                                                                             ​                                                                 AFTER


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