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Montgomery Hills Pedestrian Linkages

A celebration of the Montgomery Hills Pedestrian Linkages Improvement Project was held on Saturday October 4th, 2008, signifying the completion of the improvements.

Funding was provided by the Mont. Co. Parking Lot District, and implemented by Mont. Co. DHCA.  The site improvements, which occurred only within the commercial limits of Montgomery Hills, include repairing of sidewalks, replacing of handicap ramps, and the installation of pedestrian streetlight poles with attached decorative banners.  Also, planting of trees and shrubs, the restriping of pedestrian crosswalks (including additional pedestrian signage), a decorative handrail, and a "gateway feature" consisting of a total of sixteen (16) banner poles were part of the project.

County Executive Isiah Leggett

Community members greet Mr. Leggett

New Landscaping and handrail

Montgomery Hills Gateway Banners

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