Housing Policy

Thank you for your interest in Montgomery County’s Housing Policy. As director of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, I am pleased that you and so many others are interested in housing issues in Montgomery County. The 2012 Housing Policy sets the following goals:

  • Preserve the existing regulated affordable housing stock, striving for no net loss of income-restricted affordable housing.
  • Increase the number of affordable housing units.
  • Conserve and care for Montgomery County’s residential neighborhoods, and develop and invest in quality communities.
  • Strive to prevent homelessness and find homes for the homeless.
  • Support the development of new housing, especially in transit-oriented areas.

Below, you will find links to the:

  • Draft 2012 Housing Policy
  • Approved 2011 Housing Element

Please click on the links below to go to the documents of your choice.

The Montgomery County Council is scheduled to discuss the draft 2012 Housing Policy on November 13, 2012. We will post on this page a link to any updates to the Council review process and any Council staff reports or analysis.

Housing Policy

 Housing Element of the General Plan - 2011