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CCOC Decision Summary

Corbin v. The Orion Condominium #12-15 (January 12, 2015) (Panel: Winegar, Fine, Fishbein)

A unit owner complained of the Condo’s failure to take action against his neighbor for causing excessive noise, for entering his unit without permission, and for requiring him to provide a key to his unit when it did not do so with other unit owners.

The unit owner did not come to the CCOC’s hearing on his complaint. The panel proceeded without him and took evidence from the Condo. That evidence showed that the Condo was unable to verify that there was excessive noise, and that in fact the neighboring unit was vacant most of the time involved; that the police entered the unit looking for the owner, not the Condo, and that it uniformly enforced a policy requiring keys from all owners so that it could enter the units in emergencies.

Based on the evidence, the panel dismissed the owner’s complaint with prejudice, and because there was no evidence to support the owner’s claims, the panel ordered him to reimburse the Commission for the costs of the court reporter pursuant to Section 10-13(d).

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