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#169-O, Zanoff v. Rock Creek Commons Condominium (May 5, 1993) (Panel: Gardner, et al.)

The condominium owner (CO) complained that the condominium association (CA) improperly refused to allow her to inspect the CA's books and records.

The evidence at the hearing showed that the CO requested permission to inspect the CA's records concerning the cause of structural damage to her unit and the nature of repairs to it.  The CA refused, claiming that there might be litigation over the issue; but after the CO filed this complaint the CA agreed to allow her to inspect the records she requested.

The panel found that under Section 11-116(c) of the Maryland Condominium Act, that the CO had the right to see the records she requested, and further,  that the CA was now in compliance with the law because it made the records available.  The panel dismissed the CO's complaint.


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