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#45-06, Damascus Manor Townhouse Association, Inc. v. Amoruso (July 24, 2007) (Panel: Koenig, Maloney, Perlingiero)

The homeowner association (HOA) filed a complaint that the homeowner (HO) was in violation of the architectural rules by not maintaining his property in good condition.The HO responded by promising to make the necessary repairs within 3 months, but did not do so, and the HOA requested a formal hearing.

At the hearing the HOA showed with photographs and testimony that the HO's house had rotting wood, damaged and mildewed siding, overgrown plants, missing screens and improperly stored items, and showed that these conditions violated the architectural rules.The HO did not deny the claims but asked for more time to make the repairs.

The hearing panel found that the HO was in violation of the rules and it ordered him to make all the necessary repairs within 45 days.

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