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#61-06, Levenson v. 4720 Chevy Chase Drive Condominium (October 30, 2009) (Panel: Sample, Farrar, Nettleford)

The unit owner complained that the condominium caused a water leak into her unit when it replaced the wood flooring on her deck with a concrete paver flooring; she also claimed that the new flooring was higher than the old flooring and caused a tripping hazard.  The condominium denied there was any leak and stated that the new flooring was installed at the request of the unit owner, who knew in advance it would have to be higher than the old flooring.  The unit owner obtained a report from a home inspector, who concluded that the leak might be from poor flashing on the deck but also might be from a defective roof drain above her unit, which is on the top floor of the building.  While the case was pending, the living room ceiling collapsed due to water from the roof drain which had been improperly installed.


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