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Commission on Common Ownership Communities


Effective January 1, 1991, all* condominium, cooperative and homeowner associations MUST register with the Commission on Common Ownership Communities through  Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs


The Board President must sign the application; an agent's signature is not acceptable. Governing documents and a complete list of street addresses must accompany the application.

  • Download an application  here ;
  • City of Rockville, click  here .  


Please note that registration fees should be paid for each Fiscal Year based on the number of units built and sold by the end of the Fiscal Year. When construction is ongoing or property is being converted from Multi-Family rental, current Fiscal Year Registration Fees should be based upon the best possible estimate. The Registration year is July 1 through June 30. Fees are not prorated. Payment by check or money order, payable to: Montgomery County, MD is required.

  • View the payment schedule  here
  • City of Rockville, click  here .

Completed forms with payment should be mailed to:

Licensing and Registration
Department of Housing and Community Affairs
1401 Rockville Pike, 4th Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20852-1428
Telephone:  (240) 777-0311

For information on registered communities:  If you want more information on a registered community, or a list of the registered community, please contact the DHCA Licensing and Registration.

For information on the CCOC program:  If you want information on COC's program, please contact by email ( or telephone at (240) 777-0311.

* NOTE: Registration requirements as outlined in  Chapter 10B * of the Montgomery County Code do not apply to properties within the incorporated Municipalities of City of Gaithersburg, Town of Garrett Park, Town of Laytonsville, Town of Poolesville, Town of Somerset and Town of Washington Grove. You may wish to contact the local municipalities for further information on requirements.


* In order for you to view the law/code/regulation, click the link above. Once on American Legal Publishing's website, on the left-pane, expand Montgomery County Code, then expand Part II. Local Laws, Ordinances, Resolutions, Etc., then click on the chapter you're looking for. You can alternatively use Quick Search on the top of the page. A direct link cannot be created; we apologize for any inconvenience.

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