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Commission on Common Ownership Communities

Registration - Generally

What is a Common Ownership Community?   The term common ownership community includes homeowner associations, residential condominiums, and cooperative housing projects.

Who Must Register?   Chapter 10B of the Montgomery County Code requires that the leadership of each common ownership community register annually with the Commission on Common Ownership Communities. The registration requirement DOES NOT APPLY to communities located within the limits of certain incorporated municipalities (such as the City of Gaithersburg). To determine if registration requirements apply, a community should call the Licensing & Registration Unit of the Department of Housing & Community Affairs at MC311 3-1-1 (Out of County call 240.777.0311) or 240.777.3666.

What's the Process?  The registration process is performed by the DHCA Licensing & Registration Unit.  The process includes completion of a Registration Form, submission of a complete and current copy of the recorded governing documents, and payment of annual registration fees, which are calculated based upon the number of units located in the common ownership community. Once a community is registered, the Licensing and Registration unit automatically generates a renewal notice each year.   Registration Page

Are there penalties for failure to register?  Any common ownership community that fails to register is subject to a class A violation and may have to pay civil fines of up to $500 per day as a penalty.

How can I obtain the most current contact information for a common ownership community?  Call 311, or (240) 777-0311, and ask for the Licensing Unit of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs. The Office is located at 1401 Rockville Pike, 4th Floor, Rockville, Maryland 20852.

How can I obtain a list of registered common ownership communities? The list of registered Common Ownership Communities in Montgomery County are available online on the Common Ownership Community website.

You can also visit the webpage for the Licensing and Registration Unit by going to, click on “Departments” and then “Housing & Community Affairs”, and the select “Licensing.”

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